Would you rather have a Male Siri?

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 7.12.45 PMIf you use Siri a lot, you might be ready for a change of voice. Perhaps you’d rather listen to a fellow for a while instead of the famous Siri-lady?

This is very easy to do.

How to change the Siri voice from female to male:

Go to Settings > General > Siri

Then simply make your choice. Female? Male?


(note to Apple: a few more voice-choices would be fun. Cartoon characters? Celebrities? Maybe a variety of Accents? )

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Always Know the Score with Siri

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 6.22.26 PMIf there is a sports fan in your house, your iPhone makes it much easier to spend time away from TV.

You can always check on a score, even while the game is underway.

Start by pressing and holding the home button to activate Siri.

Then… just ask!

You can ask for a final score.

Today I asked, “What was the result of today’s Manchester United game?” Within seconds, I got my answer.


You can ask about a game in progress.

“What is the score for Cincinnati vs Temple?


You can ask about a future game.

“When is the next Cincinnati basketball game?”


I find that I am gradually using Siri more and more. At first it was a novelty, but it has evolved into a very useful tool. (Especially if you want to drag your sports enthusiast out of the house :) )

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Happy New Year (almost)

I just wanted to stop in and quickly wish you all a healthy and happy 2014.

Blogging will resume, shortly …….. stay tuned!

(I wished Siri a Happy New Year, but she scolded me. :shock:
and yes, she refers to me as “your Highness” :lol: )


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50 Siri Commands

This is a GREAT video! As the snow starts falling here in the Northeast US this morning, I took the time to watch all 7 minutes of Siri Commands.

New to me: “What planes are flying over me right now?” :shock: wow!

A big thank you to a blogging friend, Yvonne, at the Misifusa’s Blog, the Presents of Presence, for sharing this with us.

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Weekend Distraction: Funny Conversations with Siri

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 4.25.00 PM I go through phases about using Siri. I can go for weeks and simply forget about her ….. but then, suddenly, I’m using her constantly and wondering how I got along without her.

This is one of those times. Several things have happened this week that made me turn to our iPhone’s “personal assistant.” One instance happened while I was driving, and a series of text messages came in. I never, ever, glance at the phone when I’m driving, but I was curiously concerned about the unusual flurry of messages. Then I remembered that Siri can READ the text messages for us. Without taking my eyes from the road, I held the button and asked her to “read my text messages.” And she did. She even asked if I wanted to reply. That was pretty darn handy. (no emergency, by the way :) )

So I decided to make this week’s distraction Siri-related.

Just hold your home button until the Siri screen appears “What can I help you with?”

Then say any of the following. Enjoy!
(any of these might give you different answers at different times. And some answers are funnier than others, so you might want to ask more than once. I guess it depends on Siri’s mood that day..… :lol:)

Can I borrow some money?

Sing a song

You are boring

I’m tired

Which is the best tablet?

Where are you from?

Good morning (at night)

How old are you?

What is the meaning of life?

Is there a God?

What is the 2nd best smartphone?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Tell me about yourself.

Beam me up.

Make me a sandwich.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

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Meet the Real Person who is the Voice of Siri

It was a mystery for a long time….. but no longer.

You can read more about Susan and how she became the voice of Siri, here: CNN.

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How to Edit your Question to Siri on your iPhone or iPad

Let’s say you asked Siri a question, but you made a mistake. You could always ask the question again, but there is another way to get the answer you need.

Here is how to correct a question to Siri:

By mistake you ask: “What will the weather be in New York on Wednesday?”

Siri gives you this answer:

Photo Skitch Document-11

You look and listen to the answer and you say to yourself, “Whoops!! I didn’t mean Wednesday, I meant Thursday!”

Instead of asking the question again, an alternate (often quicker) solution would be to just scroll UP on your screen and tap on your original question. By scrolling UP, you reveal the question you originally asked:

Photo Skitch Document-12

Tap the box that shows your question. Once you tap, the keyboard will appear, and you can edit your question. After you make your changes, tap on “done”.

Photo Skitch Document-15

In this example, I changed ‘Wednesday’ to ‘Thursday’. As soon as I made the change, and tapped on “done”, Siri gave me my new information.

Photo Skitch Document-14

Easy, breezy!

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How to Let Siri Help You Remember Birthdays

photo credit: freakgirl via photopin cc

photo credit: freakgirl via photopin cc

When you filled out the contact pages on your iPhone, you put in names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

You most likely know that you can add birthdays, too. (Just look way down at the bottom of the contact page (in edit mode), and tap on “+ field”. This will give you a whole list of possibilities, one of which is “Birthday”.)

And so assuming that you have birthdays recorded for your contacts, you can let Siri tell you when they are.

Just ask her.

Here is how to let Siri help you remember birthdays:

Push and hold the home button to activate Siri.

Ask: “When is _____’s birthday?”

That’s all you do. Now just wait for Siri’s answer. :)

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How To Open Your Apps with Siri: iOS6

photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc

When Siri first became a part of my life, I thought that she would be little more than a clever distraction to play with every now and then.

To my surprise, I am using her more and more. Siri can really be helpful.

With iOS6, she can now open your apps. Very handy.

I know, you are probably thinking “but all I have to do to open an app is touch it….”. Yes, that’s true, but as time goes on, and your iPhone and/or iPad fills with apps, and then with folders, and then those folders fill with apps, well, soon you will appreciate Siri’s help to quickly get to an app you might not easily be able to find.

You don’t have to know where the app is located on your iPhone/iPad, because Siri knows. And she will open it for you. :)

Here is how to have Siri open an app:

Push the home button so that Siri will ask how she can help.

Say “Launch Mail” or “Open Scrabble” (I have found that “launch” and “open” are both commands that are understood by Siri.)

Wait a moment, and the app will open on your screen.

Simple and handy!

Food Safety: What to Save and What to Throw Out

This photo was taken with an iPhone 5 (this is a tech blog, after all).

This was the view in a local Target, yesterday.

You are looking at one row of freezers. There about 5 rows of freezers and they all looked like this.


The power was off for a while, and food spoils.

Grocery stores, school districts, restaurants and individual families are all finding themselves in the awful situation of trashing mass quantities of food in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

It is tempting to hold on to some things. But there is no “maybe”. Better to be safe than sorry. Toss it!!!

Personally I don’t think I’ll be eating in a restaurant for a little while, making sure that when I do I won’t be served any “we kept this because we thought it might be ok” kind of food.

I decided to test Siri and see how good she would be at finding such important information.

I asked Siri “what food can I keep when the electricity goes out?”

She gave me a surprisingly good number of websites to explore.

I asked her in several other ways, sometimes specifying a particular type of food, and each time she delivered slightly different results. All quite good and relevant to the question.

You don’t have to participate in a Superstorm to have power-outage troubles. Probably everyone experiences this at one time or another.

Here is a link to a very thorough list for Food Safety. There are clear instructions on what you can save and what you have to toss.

Slide down the page for detailed “When to Save and When to Throw It Out”

Great information for us all!


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