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Dear Blog Readers:

I’ll be exploring one feature at a time, and every few days I’ll toss another here on the blog to look at more closely.

Just ONE at a time. Slow and steady. That’s how we “everyday folks” can cope with all this stuff.

My iOS 7 Update Adventure

How to Force-Close Apps in iOS 7

How to Automatically Update Apps in iOS 7 (or not)

How to Search your iPhone or iPad in iOS 7

How to Lock your Screen Orientation in iOS 7

Lovin’ the Level on the iPhone in iOS 7

How to Access the New Control Center in iOS 7

iOS 7 Folders: Now with Infinite Possibilities

iOS 7: Text Time, a Secret Goodie in iOS 7


How to BLOCK CALLS on your iPhone w iOS 7

A Little Detail of iOS 7: Did you notice? Your clock icon is now a Working Clock

Yes, you DO have a Flashlight on your iPhone: iOS 7

How to Bring Back the Bold (fonts) in iOS 7

How to Increase (or Decrease) your Text sizes on your iPhone and/or iPad

Banish a Text from your Screen with a single Swipe

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  1. Someone tweeted something about iOS7 so of course I had to look, and I am sure my pupils dilated as got excited and showed my kids like a child at Christmas.

    • That’s a great link … and I’ve got several of those things cued up in my list for future posts. When I first learned about the level, I ran around the house testing spots. I always thought that one room was a little off-kilter, but to my happy surprise, with the help of the iPhone level, I learned that it is just fine. :) Thanks for sharing this!!!

      • I haven’t run around yet, but I will do soon. I know when I had an altimeter app, I would stand up and sit down seeing how much difference there was lol


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