How to Clear out Stored Website Data on your iPhone with iOS7

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.03.49 AMWhenever you visit a website on your iPhone, data will be stored.

The purpose?

As I understand it, this is mostly done so that you have faster loading times when you visit that website again.

But storing data fills up space. I never, ever cleared this out before, but after reading about it I decided to give it a try and I was astounded at all the data that was sitting there. I did a full sweep and dumped it all.

How to Delete the Stored Website Data on your iPhone with iOS7:

Go to Settings > Safari


Now go way way down to the bottom and click on Advanced


At this point, you’ll see the option to tap on Website Data


Now you get to see all the space that the stored data is taking up.

IF you want to delete it, just scroll all the way down to the bottom and “delete all website data.”

(Or you can delete them individually, as well, by sliding your finger from right to left.)

I was astounded at the length of my list. I emptied it. I probably won’t do it again for a long long time, because I don’t think it was causing any problems whatsoever.

But I’m glad I know how to do it IF I want to do it.

And now you do, too. :)

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM

12 Days of Gifts for You from Apple

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 5.08.11 PMApple is giving away stuff!

From December 26 to January 6, you get to download a free gift each day. Movies, apps, books, songs …. something different every day.

This is the first time this has been offered in the US. (Last year only Canada and Europe got to be part of the fun.)

You must have iOS7 to participate.

You can download the app, now, and you will see a countdown. The countdown will continue until it is time to download your first free gift!


All you need to do after downloading the app is … wait.

When the gifts become available, they will only be available to download for 24 hours.

It will be fun to see what surprises are in store for us. :) (It is possible that the content will be different depending on your country.)

12 Days of Gifts is free and can be downloaded, now.

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Have an Apple 1 in your Attic?

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 6.12.38 PMToday an Apple 1 computer sold for $671,400 in Germany. Made in 1976, this computer originally sold for $666 (that is $2,700 in today’s dollars). Last November, this same auction house sold an Apple 1 for $640,000, so today’s sale is a new record.

The original owner, now 84 and living in New Orleans, only parted with this machine earlier this year when a man approached him and negotiated a price of $40,000. It was this new owner who got it working and signed by Steve Wozniak… and then sold it at the auction house today for $671,400. (Whoa! I’m thinking that the New Orleans fellow was a little under-paid)

An interesting prequel to this story is that Steve Jobs himself tried to buy back the Apple 1 in 1978, offering an Apple II plus $400 as in incentive. The New Orleans gentleman turned that offer down, and held on to his machine until earlier this year.

Only 200 Apple 1′s were made, and these original machines are scarce today (only about 46 remain). Even though most are accounted for, I like to think there are still a few sitting around, tucked in an attic and undiscovered. Sadly, my attic is not harboring this treasure, but if yours is ….. I’ll happily accept a finder’s fee :lol: .

Vintage Apple-1 Sells for Record $671,400

Working Apple 1 Computer Sells for Record Auction Price of $671,400

Apple 1 from 1976 signed by Wozniak sells for $650,000

Remembering Life Before iTunes

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 6.15.43 PMToday is the 10th Anniversary of iTunes. What started as a way to legally download music has morphed into a digital giant. On April 28, 2003, there were 200,000 songs available to download for 99¢ each. Today the numbers are mind-numbing (over 20 billion songs sold), and of course the available downloads include not only music, but also apps, movies, books, music videos, and so much more.

What was life like before iTunes? I’m sure there are some youngsters of today who can’t even imagine a world without music-on-demand.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 4.01.48 PMI am old enough to remember a stack of 45′s on a record player.
You’d grab a pile of records, order them as you’d like to hear them (the original playlist? :) ) and then load them on the spindle. Each record would play, and then another would drop, and so on. The spindle, however, was a lot smaller than the opening on those 45′s, so we needed an adapter. I’m guessing that if we showed one of these gadgets to random people on the street, there would be many many folks (especially those under a certain age) who would have absolutely no idea what this plastic gizmo is used for.

Photo Skitch Document-17We graduated from 45′s to LPs (a long playing record). As a teenager in the 60′s, I gathered quite a large collection of these LP albums. That collection still sits in my basement… full of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, the Four Seasons, the Who, the Doors, Peter Paul and Mary, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas… so much music! And so clearly “then”. I wonder how the teenagers of today will hold on to their music memories? Certainly this boatload of albums is a physical reminder for me. Will the digital collection be as powerful?

photo credit: NPR

photo credit: NPR

After LPs the big innovation was the 8 track tape. These were huge clunky plastic cartridges with the new ability to choose a song to hear, rather than having to listen to all of them in order (as you did on an LP). However, a frequent complaint was that as you listened to one song, you could faintly hear another in the background. And, of course, you had to buy the whole album. And it would jam up. And the cases would crack. In general, 8 tracks were not the best way to do music. However, for teenagers they were great since you could have an 8 track player installed in your car and listen to your music as you drove. That gave it a “wow” factor.

Photo Skitch Document-19Gradually the compact cassette took over. I remember the thrill of being able to bring my “own” music into the car with me. It was very common to copy LPs to cassettes, even making your own ‘mix tapes’. Many home stereo systems included a cassette player/recorder so that you could copy record-to-tape or even tape-to-tape. We still have our big old dinosaur LP-cassette ‘machine’ down in the basement. I’ve included this picture, cobwebs and all.

photo credit: wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia

Then came the compact discs. I really thought that was the ultimate. Couldn’t get better than that.

But now CDs are yesterday’s news. Just ask a young person. They aren’t buying them.

It’s all digital now. And to me, this seems like “the end.” But of course it won’t be the end. There will be something else. I wonder what it will be?

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM

Apple Adds a Cautionary Warning for Apps That Allow In-App Purchases

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 6.27.02 PMSeveral weeks ago, the internet was buzzing with the story about the little fellow who downloaded over $2500 of in-app purchases on his father’s iPad. Although this was an extreme case, it has been a problem, and now Apple is responding with a new “alert” on the purchase-app page.

For those who don’t quite understand all this ‘in-app’ purchase stuff, let me take a moment to explain: Typically, when you buy an app, it’s a done deal. Once you buy it, your new purchased app appears on your device, ready to enjoy. There are no other fees required beyond that which you paid for the app.

But SOME apps are designed to encourage more (and more) purchases as you use it. (Greedy? I think so.) For example, a simple painting app may give you a few colors and brushes to use to create your masterpiece. But soon you find you are presented with options. Options to buy MORE brushes (shapes) and/or MORE paint colors. $$$$$

If the naive user is painting or playing with this app, they might unwittingly purchase a new brush or color. $$$$$

Many apps offer in-app purchases of some sort.

Now Apple has taken a small step …. but at least it IS a step …. to help consumers be aware when they are purchasing an app that offers in-app purchases. This is especially important if you are loading a new app for your children or grandchildren.

Here is Apple’s new message. Watch for it, and make your choices wisely!

Look for “offers in-app purchases.”

Photo Skitch Document-1

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM

Bigger iPad – Bigger Pricetag : Apple Releases a 128 GB Model

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 6.04.08 PMThe choices keep coming.

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple released their iPad mini.

Now they have taken their full size iPad and doubled the capacity with the new 128 GB.


iPad (with retina display) Models:

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 4.45.33 PM

The price tag for all this extra space is, (of course) larger, too.

This new 128 GB option is only available for the full size iPad.

Will people be willing to pay more $ for more capacity? It all boils down to personal preference and the size of the wallet involved.

Video uses a lot of space, so I’m guessing that the happiest people will be those who like to use their iPad for movies (watching and/or making).

I have LOTS of photos on my iPad, and far, far too many apps, but I still have plenty of space on my 64GB iPad. And it is very easy to move content on and off the iPad, making room when you need it.

But for those who want more more more more more…. “more” is now available.

Weekend Distraction: Montezuma Puzzle for iPhone and iPad

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 8.50.55 AMAt this time of year, everyone is busy doing something. Decorating, shopping, baking, visiting, partying, traveling … whew.

No time to “learn” a new game. That’s too much effort.

But how about a real distraction? You already know what to do.

NO learning curve.

Montezuma Puzzle.

Pretty, colorful, and responds nicely to your touch.

Fit the shapes on the screen. That’s it.

Gradually gets harder, but not crazy.

Go ahead .. Zone out … but don’t forget those cookies in the oven!

Photo Skitch Document-5

Photo Skitch Document-6

Montezuma Puzzle is free in the iTunes store.

Apple Maps Endanger Lives in Australia

photo credit: CNN

photo credit: CNN

People continue to find many, many flaws with Apple maps. (My personal experience on local roads has resulted in numerous errors.)

But Australian authorities this week issued the strongest statement yet, calling the use of Apple maps “potentially life-threatening”.

Apparently, the Apple mapping service shows a city in Australia as being in the middle of a large, remote, and semi-arrid national park (instead of where it actually is).

The police have reported that several people have had to be rescued from this park, a place with no water and temperatures reaching 114 F. Thinking they were navigating their way to the nearby city of Mildura, these people ended up stranded in the middle of the very remote Murray-Sunset National Park.

The Mildura police say that “Some of the motorists located by police have been stranded for up to 24 hours without food or water and have walked long distances through dangerous terrain to get phone reception.”

I really don’t understand why Apple didn’t put Google maps back when they realized their major map mistake. This isn’t just sloppy design, this is, as the Australian police have stated, “potentially life-threatening.”

Make sure you double check your route with another service (google maps) before you head out on any long journey.

And let’s hope Santa isn’t depending on Apple maps this year. :)

Great Deals on iTunes Gift Cards this Week

If you have an iPhone, or an iPad, or any other subset of Apple Products, then you are no stranger to the iTunes Store. It is the place to go for all your apps, for music, for podcasts, for movies and other programing. (Books, too, but as a Kindle aficionado I tend to forget that. :) )

This time of year, stores often bundle the iTunes cards in a way to give you great deals.

If you stay alert, you can grab some free iTunes money. Really truly free.

If you are planning to give any iTunes cards as gifts this holiday season, these deals will help your $ go a bit further.

So far, I have learned of these three, all good for Thursday (limited hours) and Friday: (but I’m sure there will be others)

Toys R Us:

If you buy a $50 iTunes gift card from Toys R Us, you get an EXTRA $15 card for free.


The $60 pack of iTunes gift cards will be offered at Target for $50. That’s $10 free.

Best Buy

The $100 iTunes card will be offered for $80.


Finally, I believe that Walmart will be selling their $100 gift card for $80. $20 free.

Percentage wise, the best deal is at ToysRUs.

With these kind of deals, you can “gift” yourself with the freebie as you buy a card for someone on your Holiday list. :)

********* Thanks to Peace With My Life who tells us that Bed, Bath and Beyond will be offering $25 worth of iTunes for $20. Another goodie!! Thank you!

Laughing at Apple and the New iPad Mini

The last two weeks have been brutal. A superstorm, a presidential election and now a nor’easter.

In the middle of all of the maelstrom, the new iPad Mini was launched.

It’s time to share a laugh.

Will people buy this new Apple product? Don’t people always buy new Apple products?


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