A Keyboard Shortcut for Punctuation on your iPad and iPhone

As part of my month-long anniversary series, some posts will include information covered previously. Hopefully this way new readers get to see things they missed and older readers might be reminded of things they have forgotten. (This “forgetting” thing happens to me, too!)

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When you type on your iPad or iPhone, and you need to insert punctuation, you have to TAP the 123 button, then TAP the selected punctuation, and then TAP the ABC button so that the keyboard will return to the alphabet.

That’s 3 taps for each time you need to punctuate. Whew. That’s a lot of tapping.

Here is how to accomplish inserting your punctuation with just ONE tap:

When you get to the moment that you need punctuation, place your finger on the 123 button and HOLD. Now, SLIDE your finger to the punctuation you need, and then RELEASE. Tap – Slide – Release


Your punctuation appears in your text, and your keyboard returns to the alphabet so that you can continue typing.

Give it a try: Touch the 123 ….. keep your finger on the screen ….. slide to the punctuation you want…. and release. Cool, huh? :cool:

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Keyboard Hints for your iPhone and iPad

As part of my month-long anniversary series, some posts will include information covered previously. Hopefully this way new readers get to see things they missed and older readers might be reminded of things they have forgotten. (This “forgetting” thing happens to me, too!)

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.22.37 PMTwo of the earliest posts on this blog were quite simple but also quite helpful.

First, how to lock the caps key on the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, so you don’t have to keep tapping it in order to type a series capital letters.

Although no one likes to read a “shout” (typing in all caps), sometimes it is necessary to type that way. And when you do, it is as simple as a double-tap.

To type in caps, just double tap the up-arrow. It will turn blue. When it is blue, any typing you do will be in caps. To return to regular-type, just tap it again.

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Another handy hint that I often forget about (until I need it!) is how to find an umlaut or tilde or other little letter-symbols on your iPad or iPhone keyboard.

Here is how to find an umlaut et al:

Just tap and HOLD your finger on a letter. If there are surprises to be found, they will pop up and you can select them. Here is a screen shot as I held the “U”.

Try it yourself and see what you find. Not all letters harbor surprises, but many of them do. :)

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Opportunity for a Catch Up

I won’t be able to post on this blog for a few days. New followers might find this a good opportunity to catch up with some earlier posts, especially if you are looking for “how to’s”.

I’m going to select a few that I think might be particularly helpful and add the links, but you can always find posts through the sidebar and/or the archives. There are many more “how to’s” in addition to the ones I am linking to, so if you are so inclined, just scroll through the back posts.

Be back, shortly! :)

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How to Make Your Own Shortcut on Your iPhone or iPad

When you send text messages, there are probably a few phrases that you use a lot. By making your own shortcut, you can tap only a few keys and your phrase will appear in its entirety.

Instead of typing “meet you in 10 mins”, you could shorten it to “my” or “mt10″.

Instead of typing “love you” you could shorten it to “ly”

Instead of typing your long name, “Reginald Fingersandtoes”, you can just type “rf”.

You get the idea.

This is extremely handy if you use a particular phrase often.

Here is how you make your own shortcuts:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.

Once you are on the Keyboard screen, slide down to Shortcuts and tap on “Add New Shortcut”

Now you will see a screen where you will have to fill in two spots: Phrase (the phrase that you would like to be typed out) and Shortcut (the few letters that you want to use as a shortcut).

For my example, I want to make a shortcut for “thank you”. (I’m polite, and I use ‘thank you’ a lot :) )

Enter in whatever phrase that you want to shorten and the combination of letters that you want to use as a shortcut. I chose to type “thx” when I want my phone to write “thank you.”

Tap “Save”.

That’s all there is.

Once I have made my shortcut, whenever I type “thx”, the words “thank you” will appear, just like an auto-correction.

When the day comes that you want to delete your shortcut, just swipe the shortcut to the left and a “delete” button will appear. Tap that, and your shortcut will disappear.

Hidden Letters on Your Split iPad Keyboard: How to Split and Find

photo credit: Denise ~*~ via photo pin cc

Are you a thumb typer? Many people type with their thumbs on their phones. But on the iPad?

Balancing the iPad while you type can be difficult. Holding it with one hand as you type with the other feels a bit unbalanced and the thought of dropping it is just too costly to even consider.

If you split the keyboard, you can hold the iPad securely, and, yes, type with your thumbs. This might not be your choice for all-the-time, and many people don’t like it at all, but for those who do, you might be interested in some HIDDEN keys beyond the split.

Before we find those hidden keys, let’s split your keyboard:

Bring up an email, or notepad or something else where the keyboard appears.

Look for the key with the picture of the keyboard on it that is next to the 123 button on the lower right side.

(If you tap on that button, the keyboard disappears. But we don’t want to make the keyboard disappear, we want to split it.)

To split the keyboard, touch and HOLD that button. You’ll see a little menu appear that gives you two options: undock and split.

Tap on “split” to split your keyboard. As soon as you tap on “split”, you will see the keyboard separate, and rise up into the lower middle area of the iPad screen. It will also get a bit smaller to fit your thumbs.

Now you can hold the iPad securely with two hands while you type.

Touch and hold the button again to merge the keyboard and re-dock at the bottom on your screen.

The HIDDEN keys are in the blank areas on either side of the keyboard. Just stretch your thumb out a little further beyond the ”t” and you can type a “y”. Tap the blank area next to the “v” and you’ll get a “b”.

This also works if you split the numbers keyboard. Tap the empty space next to the “5” and get a “6” and so on.

I’m not a thumb typer, so I can’t really judge the value of all this, but I think it’s always fun just to find a hidden feature, in this case, an “easter egg” in the keyboard : )

Type Faster With This Quick Keyboard Trick for iPad, iPhone

photo credit: Lori Greig via photo pin cc

When you are typing, and you come to the end of a sentence, you type a period and then you tap the space bar.

This hint will help you type a little faster:
Instead of tapping “period > space”, just double-tap the space bar. A quick ‘tap tap’ and a period appears, along with the required space.

An alternative to the double-tap: tap ONCE but use two fingers. You get the same result, a period and a space.

And, if you need more spaces (in spite of the one-space rule discussed here), you can do that, too. Just tap the space bar with three, four or even five fingers to get more spaces.

How to Add Punctuation with Just ONE Tap: Awesome Keyboard Shortcut for Your iPad and iPhone

Anyone who has done any typing on the iPhone or on the iPad has noticed the multiple steps needed to insert punctuation. You have to tap the 123 button, tap your punctuation,and then tap the ABC button to return to the letter keyboard. That’s 3 taps!

Doesn’t ONE tap sound better?

Here’s how you do it:

When you get to the moment that you need punctuation, put your finger on the 123 button and HOLD. Now, SLIDE your finger to the punctuation you need, and RELEASE.

Poof! Your punctuation has appeared in your text, and your keyboard has returned to the letters so you can continue typing. ONE touch instead of THREE. Hurrah!

Return to the Top with a Tap (without scrolling) on Your iPad or iPhone

I have a LOT of photos on my iPhone and iPad, and when I’m all the way down at the bottom of the photo roll, it is very handy to give a single tap and be whisked up to the top of the page. This also works in Safari, and even more handy, in Mail.

To try this, let’s go to Safari and open a website with a long page like Amazon. Once you are on the Amazon website, scroll all the way on down to the bottom of the page.

Now for the tricky part: Although all we need is a single tap in the right place to zoom to the top, the problem is FINDING that right place. So let’s find it: At the very top of your iPad and your iPhone is a black bar with the wireless/3G indicator on the left, and the battery indicator on the right. In my experience, the best way to do this is to touch the black bar just beside the battery indicator on the top right, OR just beside the wireless/3G indicator on the left. Tap either spot and you will make the page scoot from the bottom right up to the top.

Practice. Do it a few times on a webpage, and on your Photo Roll. When you try it in Mail on the iPad, I’d suggest tapping the black bar just above the word “Inbox”.

Emoticons on Your iPad Keyboard: How to Access A Whole Bunch of Emoticons and Lots of Other Things

If you are writing a text message, an email or a note and want to add a emoticon, it is as simple as a tap on your keyboard. You don’t need to copy and paste from other sources. There are a host of smiley faces, creatures, flowers, shapes and assorted what-nots all built into your iPad/iPhone keyboard. They just hide well.

So let’s find them. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard > Emoji.

Now let’s type some text.

Pull up a blank email, and start to type your message. Now look at your keyboard. See the globe on the bottom, to the left? Tap the globe. You are now looking at a multitude of smiley faces. Swipe the screen and you’ll see more, then more.

Now look at the bottom of this new keyboard. You’ll see a clock, a smiley face, a flower, a bell, a car and some punctuation symbols. Tap the clock to see the last symbols you have used. Tap any of the others and you will find pages and pages of cars, sporting equipment, animals, food, symbols, etc. Swipe each page to the left for more.

To insert them into your text message or email, just touch the symbol that you want. Then, to return to the regular keyboard, tap the globe.

One important note: These will only work when sent to other iOS devices….to other iPhones and iPads.

Touch to Save: How to Save Web Images with a Touch or a Click

You’re cruising the internet on your iPhone or on your iPad and you see a photo you would love to keep. Maybe you’ve just stumbled on a picture of an old friend, or a photo of a sailboat that is on your dream list, or a picture of an awesome cake that inspires you to bake and decorate. Saving that photo to your camera roll is as easy as touching your screen. That’s it. Just touch the picture and wait a moment. A menu will appear with the option to SAVE the image. Touch SAVE. The image is now in your camera roll. To find it, go to your Photos app (with the sunflower). Choose camera roll, and take a look at the last picture. There is your cake!

Another great way to grab what you see is to take a screenshot. This is the way to take a picture of the whole screen. Just put one finger on the on/off button, and your other finger on the home button. Push them both at once. Hold for just a second and then let go. Click! A picture of the screen is now in your camera roll. Now go to the Photos app (Sunflower) > camera roll. You’ll find your screenshot waiting for you as the last picture in the camera roll.


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