Your Weekend Distraction: Springtime with Simon’s Cat

As Spring begins to make itself known here in the northeast US … after an absolutely horrid winter …. Simon’s Cat has another adventure.

Enjoy!!! :)

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Watch Colbert and Stewart for Free on your iPhone or iPad

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.52.59 AMWith more and more people dropping their cable subscriptions, it is great to be able to turn to your iPad or iPhone and catch the programming you miss.

Even better when it’s FREE.

Just yesterday, Comedy Central released their new app. Now you can watch full episodes of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report on your iPad or iPhone.

The app does include other programming as well, however, in order to see those, you must sign in with a cable subscription. BUT…. for Stewart and Colbert, no cable subscription required. Just download the free app, and enjoy. :)

Comedy Central for iPhone or iPad is FREE in the iTunes store.

Note: iOS7 is required

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Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel and an iPad App = Wonderful-ness

Take Billy Joel, Jimmy Fallon and an iPad App, and what do you get? Happiness!

I guarantee that watching this will make you smile, bounce around in your seat and generally make you feel good all over. :)

(In case you are interested, the app they used to form their very own Doo-Wop group is LoopyHD)

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Can you Laugh and be Angry at the same time?

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 9.32.38 AMI posed a question at the beginning of this post:

Can you LAUGH and yet be ANGRY at the SAME time???

The answer for me, I’ve learned, is absolutely YES.

The evidence came as I watched the video at the end of this post.

The LAUGH: It’s cleverly done. Acted well. Although the language is German, it is not necessary to know what they are saying.

The actions speak for themselves, and it’s … well…. funny!
(Thanks to Margo for sending it to me. :) )


The ANGER: Gosh darn it. I really get angry, seriously bothered, when older people are portrayed (often in commercials) as complete and utter idiots when it comes to technology.

And that is simply not true. What is true is that we didn’t grow up with any of this. There were no smart phones (your phone was attached to the wall, and tethered with a cord), there was no streaming, there were no tablets. And, hard as it is to believe…. no internet.

In my house we jumped into tech with the invention of the calculator, Pong, and then the Atari 2600. Next we enjoyed the AMAZING Commodore 64. I remember my son explaining to me how he could call another computer and if it was “on” he could leave a message on a “bulletin board” and someone else, from another computer could actually read this message. Unknown to me at the time (I actually thought it was pretty useless) that was the very beginning of the internet.

When he went off to college he explained to me that he would be emailing his papers to professors. I was skeptical…. but the world was changing … and fast.

And so those of us of a certain age, who were there from the beginning, had a choice. Jump in, or go on with life as usual. Technology, at first, was a choice. And if you aged without jumping in, it is most likely overwhelming, now.

But many many many people DID jump in. I loved it all. And still do. I know of many others both personally and online who are also “up there” in years and completely comfortable with smart phones, tablets and all the other technological goodies that are available to us today.

And I firmly believe, no matter what the age, with proper instruction, anyone can master an iPhone or iPad or a Kindle. My mother, age 84, uses them all quite well.

And, not only do I believe that older people CAN use these things, I believe that they SHOULD. The technology of today can enhance a life that is slowing down. A Kindle, for example, allows aging eyes to read comfortably with larger fonts.

The original purpose of this blog truly highlights this point … breaking down the sometimes-confusing-tech-speak into very do-able bits.

I fully believe that when the young people of today are old, they will find that they will be completely comfortable with the technology that they keep up with. But when new things come along at lightning speed (and they will), they just might find themselves left behind a bit, too. (And made fun of by the youth who are being born, now.)

So, after that rant of anger ….. here comes the laugh.

Proving to me that you CAN be angry and laugh at the same time. :)

Dad’s New iPad

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Netflix Being Funny

Remember when Amazon announced that they are planning to deliver their goods in the not-too-distant future with drones? (if you don’t, you can read about it: Amazon to You in 30 minutes)

Well, Netflix (an Amazon competitor in the video-on-demand dept) released a video several weeks ago making fun of Amazon’s drone-plans.

Silly Netflix. :lol:

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Weekend Distraction: Jerry Seinfeld on Cell Phones and Texting

Jerry Seinfeld made an appearance on the Tonight Show earlier this week and shared his views on our culture of cell phones and texting. Good for a chuckle!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Can he win her over with a mouse?

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More Snow = Binge Watching

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.07.36 AMOur local headline summed up the impending storm: “Midweek storm? The chances just went from slim to Doomsday”

Doomsday? Here we snow again. Of course, with piles of snow lining the streets already, there is no place to even put this snow. Oh, well. Nothing to do but join the masses at the grocery stores, help them strip the shelves and then settle in for some binge-watching.

The term “binge-watching” exploded in 2013. According to Wikipedia: Binge-watching, also called binge-viewing, is the practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show. Binge-watching as an observed cultural phenomenon has become popular with the rise of online media services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime with which the viewer can watch television shows and movies on-demand

With ‘doomsday’ snow in the forecast, we’ll be binge-watching for sure. But what to choose?

Since this has become such a popular phenomenon, it has gotten much attention on the internet.

Newsday recently made a list of the 45 best shows to binge watch.

Huffington Post supplies 8 Binge-worthy TV Shows You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of to Get You Through the Blizzard. (this list includes Absolutely Fabulous. One of my all time favorite guilty pleasures. :) )

The New York Post offers Your definitive guide to binge-watching TV

I just noticed that Amazon Prime Instant Video is offering the entire first season of “The Americans”. I heard that this series is worth watching, so that is my personal binge watching plan.

That is …as long as the power stays on. :shock:

Do you have any favorites to share? Have you binge-watched? All suggestions welcome!!!

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A View of Technology of the Future (2001) from 1967

Walter Cronkite was the host of a show called “The 21st Century” back in the sixties.

In 1967, he hosted a program that looked at the home of the future, and how technology would be integrated into all aspects of the house.

It’s fun to see as he takes you through the home office, the kitchen and the living room. The tech is all big and clunky with lots of buttons and knobs. But some predictions are quite accurate.

Remember …. this is 1967 looking ahead to 2001.

The Home Office of the Future (2001).

The Kitchen of the Future (2001) … not quite as accurate. Although the plates idea might still be coming as those 3D printers evolve!

The Living Room of the Future (2001). He was right. Big TV, big sound. But NOT the big ‘console’. Not all those buttons and knobs. They didn’t imagine controlling these things with a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand.

And then there are those windows! Do they exist? Were they ever invented? I kind of like those.

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New YouTube Series Starts Tuesday: YouTube Nation

Here’s something to think about:

Every MINUTE, approximately 100 hours of Videos are uploaded to YouTube.


That’s a lot.

With so many videos, it’s quite a job to sort through and find those that would interest you. Now you won’t have to.

Dreamworks Animation and YouTube have teamed up to do the searching for you, and starting Tuesday, they will be producing a regular series with samples of the most interesting, most popular and must-see videos.

Called YouTube Nation, a new episode of this program/sampler will be posted each day at 9 PM Eastern Time.

Plans are to eventually make these samplers even more specific, resulting in several YouTube Nation programs such as YouTube Nation Sports and/or YouTube Nation News. The goal is to produce more than a dozen specialized guides.

You’ll find this new program at this address (remember, content changes each night at 9 pm Eastern time):

With all this talk about YouTube, I can’t resist inserting a random interesting YouTube video.
Has anyone ever tried this?

What’s on YouTube? ‘YouTube Nation’ Lets You Know

Jeffrey Katzenberg talks up YouTube Nation

‘YouTube Nation’ To Give Users Daily Highlight Reel Of Curated Content

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