Closing Apps Completely: How to Keep Your iPad and iPhone Running Smoothly

This blog post has been re-written and appears here.


7 thoughts on “Closing Apps Completely: How to Keep Your iPad and iPhone Running Smoothly

    • I should really redo this post. It is SO important, and it was one of my first. I will re-write it and post it tomorrow…. with screen shots, etc.
      Hold on for one more day! 🙂

      • Smooches! I’ve never, ever done anything other than synching with iTunes and deleting extra aps, photos and music files from there. I even have a book with all sorts of tips on getting the most out of your iPhone. This is not in there. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But also, I’d still like to get rid of “other.” Would this help empty that some, like clearing out a cache file, I wonder?

        • I don’t think I’d mess with “other”. Some space is needed just to ‘do stuff’, and I’m afraid if you tinker with that you could do some damage with the magical insides of the operating system. 🙂

          • My inclination would be to leave it alone, too. But get this. My total capacity is 6.90GB. According to iTunes, I have used .37GB for audio, .55GB for photo, 1.12 for total apps, and 4.30 for other! There is only .58GB free on my phone. And from what I googled a few months ago when I started trying to figure this out, this is a huge problem for a lot of people with iPhones. Or at least older ones. There’s practically no capacity left on my phone at all. That’s why I was hoping your trick for speeding things up might clean out some of the “Other” stuff. Maybe part of it is made up of files that are running in the background, or something. I need to upgrade, but I just can’t do it right now, so anything that made my phone work better, even temporarily, would be great. Can’t wait to try out your trick and see what it does.

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