Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: How to Protect your Home Button

You check the weather.  Click.   You check your email.  Click.   You play a turn of Words with Friends.  Click.   You read a blog,  update your Facebook, look at a map … click click click click.    All this activity, and your home button on your iPad gets quite a workout.

While a home button is a sturdy little fellow,  it can get sticky over time and extended use.   I know of several people who developed significant issues with their home button,  and this severely impacts the iPad experience.   How can you get lost in your device if you have trouble switching between apps?   You are “interrupted”,  delayed,  and,  well,  you are sad.

Happily, the iPad has a gesturing function that you can use to protect that home button by using it less frequently.

Here is how:

Open an app.    Enjoy it.    Now,  when you are ready to close that app,  instead of going to the home button,  open your fingers wide and gently place all of your fingers on the screen.  Quickly bring them together,  dragging them across the screen.    POOF!    App closed!

Remembering to do this will keep your iPad home button happy and healthy for a long, long time. Other home-button saving gestures are discussed here and here.

2 thoughts on “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: How to Protect your Home Button

  1. elizabeth says:

    This doesn’t work on my apps. And I’ve managed to increase the screen to where I can’t see anything. When I tap on the screen to decrease it’s size it just continues to increase. And drawing my fingers together doesn’t work. This has happened before and I got around it by turning the iPhone off completely.

    I have the iPhone3G with the updated i06 🙂

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