On the Cheap: Support Your iPad for Pennies and Use Your $ for the Fun Stuff

You’ve spent a lot of money on your iPad, and you will be spending lots more for covers, carriers, and (if you’re like me) a boatload of apps. So why not save a few dollars on one very-necessary accessory? The iPad stand. The holder. The watching-movies-videos-TV holder-upper.

Although I use a smart cover, and it is designed to neatly fold back into a triangle and support your iPad for viewing videos, I do not feel comfortable using that as support on my kitchen counter. I can envision the iPad flipping forward ….. splat…. and although it would probably survive the impact with the hard surface, this is not something I want to experience.

There are many holders available for purchase, most running anywhere from $10 – $20. My holder cost only $1.50. So I “splurged” and bought two, leaving one in each of the places I normally want to support the iPad around the house.

This is a standard plate holder. I bought this at Hobby Lobby with their 40% coupon and for me it is the perfect solution. The iPad is tipped back slightly, securely supported with no possibility of flopping forward. I’m sure there are other similar plate holders available everywhere, so keep your eyes open. This is a great solution and a frugal one, especially if you want to own several iPad holders for various spots around your home.


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