Tapping the Map App: How to Access Street View on Your iPhone and iPad


One of the most awesome features of google maps is the street view. But when I started using my iPhone and iPad, I was unsure if this feature was accessible on my new devices. It wasn’t obvious, and I quickly assumed that street view wasn’t there. Happily,  I was wrong!

Open the Maps app. For the purpose of this demonstration, navigate to New York City.    Now zoom in a bit, so that you can clearly see the streets. Then, touch a spot. Hold your finger there for just a second, and you’ll see a pin drop to mark the spot.

This dropped pin will name the address that you touched, and you will see a little orange man to the left side of the address. Touch that little orange man, and… poof! … you are now on the street, looking at the address you selected.

Swipe the screen with your finger and you will be able to look in all directions. If you tap on the street with the arrows,  you can “walk” down the block, looking left and right as you go. Notice the tiny little map in the bottom right corner. This map is showing you where you are and in what direction you are ‘looking.’ To return to the regular map view, just touch that circle in the bottom right and the street view will instantly morph back  into a ‘regular’ map, again.

Of course you can always search for an address by typing it into the search box in the upper right hand corner. When you do, a pin will drop and you will see your little orange man. (It must be said that not everyplace is covered by street view. If not, the little orange man will be faded out.)

This is an awesome tool to remember. I’ve used it to scout out restaurants and even parking possibilities!


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