Touch to Save: How to Save Web Images with a Touch or a Click

You’re cruising the internet on your iPhone or on your iPad and you see a photo you would love to keep. Maybe you’ve just stumbled on a picture of an old friend, or a photo of a sailboat that is on your dream list, or a picture of an awesome cake that inspires you to bake and decorate. Saving that photo to your camera roll is as easy as touching your screen. That’s it. Just touch the picture and wait a moment. A menu will appear with the option to SAVE the image. Touch SAVE. The image is now in your camera roll. To find it, go to your Photos app (with the sunflower). Choose camera roll, and take a look at the last picture. There is your cake!

Another great way to grab what you see is to take a screenshot. This is the way to take a picture of the whole screen. Just put one finger on the on/off button, and your other finger on the home button. Push them both at once. Hold for just a second and then let go. Click! A picture of the screen is now in your camera roll. Now go to the Photos app (Sunflower) > camera roll. You’ll find your screenshot waiting for you as the last picture in the camera roll.


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