QR Code: What Are Those Dotted Squares, and How Do I Use Them?

You’ve probably seen them. They are turning up everywhere. Little squares of black and white dots. They are on business cards, in newspaper ads, in libraries, on buses, in train stations, brochures, magazines, product packaging and countless other places. They are called QR code (quick response code) and by scanning this code box you will be zapped to some sort of information. Perhaps a web page for product advertising, or perhaps to a municipal resource or contact information.

Here is how you scan the code. Step one: you need a code reader app on your iPhone or iPad. There are many of these available, some are free and some others charge for a few extra bells and whistles. I’ve been using NeoReader. It is free and works just fine.

Once you have a scanner app on your device, you are ready to face any QR code that comes your way. Just launch your app, hover it over the code and soon the content will be delivered directly to your phone.

These code boxes are popping up everywhere. Keep your eyes open …. you may be surprised at some of the places you see them. If you would like to practice, the QR code you see with this post is the QR code for this blog. Scan it with your phone, and you’ll be brought right back here.

3 thoughts on “QR Code: What Are Those Dotted Squares, and How Do I Use Them?

  1. kati0705 says:

    It’s amazing how clued up kids are with QR codes. I’ve been using them in my classroom on the displays (kind of a ‘want to find out more’ link). I frequently find pupils scanning my notice boards with their phones!

    • Awesome! What a clever way to get your students to interact with your displays. They are doing research without even knowing they are doing research. How great.

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