iPad Safari Folders on the Bookmark Bar: How to Make Folders

Once you start putting bookmarks into your Safari Bookmark Bar, you will quickly find yourself running out of space. This is easily solved by making folders for your Bookmarks Bar. A few simple steps will get this job done:

Open Safari, and then touch the open book symbol in the upper left corner. This will open a menu. If this menu says “Bookmarks” at the top, just look down the list to find “Bookmarks Bar”. If the menu already says “Bookmarks Bar”, then you are already at the spot you need to be.

Looking at this menu titled “Bookmarks Bar”, touch the word ‘edit’ on the right. This will put red delete symbols in front of all your bookmarks, but it will ALSO give you a new spot to touch. Look just to the LEFT of the words “Bookmarks Bar” and you will see the words “New Folder.” Touch “New Folder” and you will be given the opportunity to name the folder.

After you type in the name of your folder, touch “Bookmarks Bar” at the TOP of the menu. This will bring you back to your bookmark list, and you can touch DONE, because you are, well, done!

Look at your Bookmark Bar, and you will see your bookmarks and your new folder, sitting along the top. The next time you bookmark a website, you will have the choice to select a spot on the bar, or to drop your saved website inside the folder you just created.

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