Solitaire Card Fun for your iPad or iPhone: Play Fairway Golf!

You might be hitting the real golf courses on today’s “here comes the summer” holiday, but if the temperature or the humidity keep you out of the sun, here is a great fun game of Solitaire Golf for your iPad and/or iPhone.

This is a game from Big Fish, a company known for it’s huge inventory of games, mostly hidden picture and puzzle adventure games. In a similar fashion to all those other games, this Solitaire game is free to download and try, but to “unlock” the full game, you will have to pay $2.99. They give you a nice long try, however, so it’s easy to decide when the time comes if you want it or not.

It is basically the Solitaire game of Golf, where you remove cards from the playing field as you match them with another that is one number higher or lower. However, this standard card game is given a great boost of fun with a silly gopher, chatty announcers, and play with goals, obstacles and achievements.

When you start, you will play a game with full instructions, and you will completely understand the game before you “step off” onto a course on your own.

It’s a fun game and one I find myself going back to often whenever I am in the mood for a quick round of golf. Fairway Solitaire HD by Big Fish Games.

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