Video Freeze on Your iPad: How to Get It Running Again

Sometimes the videos on my iPad stutter and stall. Netflix and the ABC apps specifically. I might be watching Modern Family, for example, and a reminder from another app disrupts the video by popping up on the screen. Or maybe I’m watching Lost on Netflix and I have to stop and restart it several times for the doorbell or for another distraction. Although the video often resumes with no problems, there are times when it freezes.

This quick fix is usually effective: Close the app. Now double-click the home button so you can see the string of running apps across the bottom. The video app that you were watching should be the one all the way to the left. Touch and hold it for a second. It will start to wiggle and have a little red minus sign on its corner. Touch the minus sign, and the app will disappear. Now double-click the home button and you will be brought back to your regular screen. Launch your video app again, and it should work just fine.

( Remember that occasionally you should do some housekeeping and close all your apps this way in order to keep things running smoothly. )


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