Make an Icon for Any Website for Your Homescreen: How to Add an Icon to Your iPad or iPhone for Easy Access to Any Website

An update for this post can be found here.

There are those websites that we visit often. Bookmarks are a valuable way to access them easily. We can store them in the dropdown Bookmark menu, put them directly on the Bookmark Bar, or collect them into Folders in either place.

But sometimes this isn’t enough. Sometimes we have a special website we want to visit often, and even navigating to the Bookmark area is an extra step we do not want or need.

There is another way to have speedy access. You can turn your favorite place into an icon and this icon can sit right on your homepage. A tap on it will always bring you right to the website that you want to keep close.

Here is how you do it: Bring up the website that you wish to put on your homescreen. Tap on the action arrow. (This arrow is at the top left side of the iPad, and down at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone, and looks like a curved arrow coming out of a little box.)

Once you tap the arrow, a drop menu will appear, listing options like “Bookmark” and “Print”. Go to the option “Add to Homescreen” and tap on that. A message will appear, telling you that this website is about to be added to your Homescreen with an icon. Tap on “ADD” in the upper right hand corner, and the deed is done! Take a look at your screen. Your new icon is right there, waiting to be tapped, and it can be moved around like any other icon so that you can arrange it any way you choose.


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