Write or Draw on Photos, Webpages, Screenshots: Skitch for iPad, a Minimalist App

The digital age has made it so easy to share photographs, and we do it every day. Easy to take, easy to save, easy to send. With this free app, Skitch, you can write directly on the photo before sending. Perhaps you’d like to point out someone standing in the background of a group shot. Instead of describing with text (“look in the back, on the left, behind the guy in the blue shirt, blah blah”), you can simply draw an arrow on the photo to direct attention to the desired spot. Or maybe you want to add a little caption or perhaps, in good humor, you’d like to draw a moustache on your friend. All easy to do with this free app called Skitch.

Minimalist and intuitive, Skitch is extremely simple to use.

Just choose your photo (or map or screenshot) and it appears on your screen with a few tools to use. You can type text, or use your finger to write or draw directly on the picture.

Although this ability exists in many of the more elaborate drawing/painting apps, the simple approach and interface makes this app my go-to when I want to quickly write upon an image. Skitch for iPad. Free (a great price!)


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