How to Preview Email on Your iPhone or iPad

When you bought your iPhone and/or iPad, the preview setting for your email was pre-set at 2. This means that before you open your individual emails on either device, you see not only the heading of the mail, but also the first two lines of text.

You probably haven’t given this much thought. But consider your needs…. perhaps you want more privacy for your email? Then you can set it so that no lines preview at all. Or perhaps you get a lot of email, and you would like more lines for the preview. If you set it so that more lines are visible, you can decide with a glance if you want to open a particular email, or just delete it.

You can set these preview lines anywhere from 0 to 5. Out-of-the-box is set at 2, so if you haven’t changed it, your device is currently set at 2.

Here is how to change it. Directions are the same for both the iPhone and the iPad:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Now select “Preview”

You will be shown a screen with the choices: None, 1 Line, 2 Lines, 3 Lines, 4 Lines, 5 Lines.

Select the number of lines you would like to see, and you’re done.

Return to your Mail, to see if you like your new choice.

***Addendum: An extra bonus for setting your email preview choice to ZERO…… many more emails show up on the first screen. Thanks to my daughter-in-law, Carmen, for this great point!

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