A Simple Grocery List for iPhone: Still Good After All These Years

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy apps with lots of bells and whistles. But I really love the ones that are simple, especially if it is an app I’m going to use regularly. And if I want an app designed to help me with a specific task, ease of use is crucial.

There are some apps that I’ve bought and discarded because they just weren’t ‘right’, but that wasn’t the case with this one. GroceryZen was one of the first apps I bought for a new iPhone several years ago, and I’ve been so satisfied with it, I’ve never looked for another.

GroceryZen. I zeroed in on that “Zen” in the title and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s easy, minimalist, and simply does what it is supposed to do: keep a handy grocery list.

The app comes supplied with a large list of items. The first thing I did was go through this list and delete the items I knew that I would never, ever use. Then I proceeded to add things that made the list “my own”, that is, things specific to my grocery list that we buy regularly, like “Honey Nut Cheerios” and “bag of salad mix” and “Trader Joe’s Banana bread mix”.

That’s all there is. Ready to use! There is an Item List and a Shop List. Just touch an item on the list and it appears on the shopping list. This is so handy. When I’m in the kitchen and I notice that I need eggs, I just pop the phone out of my pocket and touch “eggs” on the list. That simple.

When shopping, touch the item on your list as you put it in your cart. The app will slash a line through the item and move it to the bottom. Once you’ve purchased everything you want on your list, touch “check out” and the items disappear from the Shop List and go back to the Item List.

There is also a “share” button to email your grocery list (and a recipe area that I haven’t used. I stick to the list only).

This is a simple and easy way to keep your grocery list in your pocket and always handy. It has never let me down.

GroceryZen $1.99


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