How to Bold, Underline, or Italicize Your Email on Your iPad or iPhone

photo credit: FontFont via photo pin cc

Yes, you can! You can express yourself in the email you send from your iPad or iPhone.

You can take a word or phrase, underline it, italicize it, or emphasize it in bold-ness goodness.

Bold, Underline, Italics ….. but where are they hiding?

Here is how you find these options:

Open a new email as though you are about to write a message.

Write a sample sentence for yourself. I’ll use this one: “Why do psychics ask your name?”

Touch the word “name” and you will see a magnifier pop up, and then a bar with the words “Select, Select All, and Paste”. Touch the word “Select”.

The word “name” will turn blue and above it another bar appears. This time the bar says “Cut, Copy, Paste, Suggestions”. Notice the arrow on the right side of the bar.

Tap that arrow.

You now see “BIU” . Touch that, and your options of “Bold, Italics, and Underline” become clear. Tap on any of the three options and your word will now be cloaked in the emphasis of your choice. You can choose one, two or all three options.

This bar will remain on the screen until you dismiss it by tapping on a blank spot of the email to make it disappear.

18 thoughts on “How to Bold, Underline, or Italicize Your Email on Your iPad or iPhone

  1. Lol – this has been a great help for me, being rather technically challenged sometimes I struggle, thanks for the great information, I look forward to some more tips , many thanks 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Help! I was typing an email on my I-pad when I really needed to express myself in bold text. I googled and found this site. Great help except while in mid sentence I stopped to highlight the word and follow the above method to make it bold, it worked but now the following words are in bold and I can’t figure out nor find any way to stop the bold text.

    • You must be careful to have highlighted only the word that you want to appear in bold print. Once you have made it ‘bold’ just tap on the screen and the highlight will disappear and the word will be bold. I would suggest doing it AFTER you write the entire sentence, so it is clear exactly what word or words you want to highlight. I’ll be updating this post, soon, as it has changed slightly. 🙂

  3. William King says:

    This does not work on my ipad 4. Sorry to say. I really need to have these options to express myself. I am learning how to use myiPad and I even enjoy typing on the screen keyboard…can type faster than on a real keyboard!!

    Do you’ll know why I cannot access the screens you reference in the instructions? Is this for an earlier ipad or what?
    I appreciate your h ell and thank for sharing.
    Bill King

  4. William King says:

    OK. I just tried your instructions while writing an email and IT WORKS!!! Amazing and thank you. However, I do a lot of writing in an app called ” journal” and it does not bring up the copy select screen he same way the email program does. I cannot select and mov on to the next screen. I have an app called arrow note which has a complete keyboard with all functions, however I don’t know how to use this app to journal or write essays and other documents which I do on a regular basis. Can you advice?

    And many thanks for your help.
    William King

  5. Wish I could add a screen shot to show you how on my new iPad the list of words does NOT include SUGGESTIONS OR does it have an arrow to the side on the right. NO ! So I can’t get it to follow your tutorial here. Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace, Define, and Speak are the options in my bar. Tried this several times so Suggestions or arrow out the right side!

    • It has changed a bit with the newest operating system since I wrote this post. To bold, italicize or underline, just touch a word. Then tap on “select”. You will see a row of choices, and one of those will be “BIU” (bold, italicize, underline). Just tap that, and you’ll be on your way. 🙂

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