Kindle App on Your iPad, iPhone: Synchronization and Sharing With A Group

I love all my devices. And I’m totally app-addicted. I admit it. I’m hopeless. But I also love books, and my Kindle came into my life before I was swept up by my iPhone and iPad, and in spite of their wonderful-ness, I still use my Kindle each and every day.

When I first got my iPad I was sad to think that I might have to leave the Kindle platform where I am so very comfortable. But to my delight, this was not the case. Kindle and Apple have integrated beautifully. I know they had (have) some struggles between themselves, but as a consumer, I am so very happy that they play together, nicely, now.

It is so important to point out that you do NOT need a Kindle (the physical piece of hardware) to enjoy the Kindle experience. The free Kindle app is all you need.

The Kindle app on the iPad is excellent. Books that you purchase on Amazon or snag for free are sent wirelessly to your iPad in a matter of moments. (First chapters are free. It’s great to be able to sample a book before you buy.) Two buttons at the bottom show you two options, “Cloud” and “Device”. The cloud view shows you every ebook that you have ever acquired (bought or free) through Amazon. With a touch on the settings, you can see these books in a tiled format or in a long list, with each book indicated with a colorful graphic of its cover. Tap one of your books in the cloud, and it downloads instantly (seconds) to your iPad.

Synchronization: Once you have registered your devices with Amazon, and have downloaded your book of choice to each device, Amazon will keep you synched. You can read at night on your iPad, and pick up your iPhone the next day and you will be able to continue reading from the very spot you left off. Marvelously handy. And if you happen to have a Kindle, your place will be synced on there, as well.

Tweaking: While reading a book, you can change the font size, change the color of the screen from white to sepia to black, search within a book and jump to locations.

Sharing: Another awesome thing you can do with your Kindle library is share it with your close friends and family. You can make a group, all on the same Amazon account. You can group up with friends in Idaho, your uncle in New York, your cousin in Florida, your aunt in San Diego, and your neighbor who lives upstairs. Your one group shares the account, and therefore any books bought can be read by anyone in the group at any time. Although some publishers set a limit that no more than 5 or 6 devices can be reading the SAME book at the same time, as long as your group shuffles their reading choices, you will rarely have that problem. There are several ways to set up this group, and that will be a subject for another day.

Kindle app is free

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