Today I Got A Two-fer: Sexism AND Ageism

photo credit: Vincent Yeh © via photo pin cc

So I’m not 30-something. Actually, it’s been a long while since I’ve been 40-something. We all get older. But the ME that is ME has always been a gadget-lover, a tech geek, video game aficionado, and computer junkie. I’m also female.

Lately, today’s experience happens to me aLOT.

I walked into an (un-named) electronics store. Large chain. Sells all the goods, game consoles, computers, iPhones, iPads, cameras, assorted other phones and tablets, tvs, etc. I was there to pick up an extra aux-in male cord (the kind with two ends the same that you can use in some cars to connect your iPhone, etc)

I knew exactly what I was looking for, and exactly where to find it. Problem was, they only had it in white, and I wanted black. Therefore, I guess I stood a little too long in front of the cord section, and I was quickly approached by a (very) condescending fellow.

When you read this exchange, please apply the correct tone to his words. You know this tone: sugary sweet and talking very slowly in case I can’t ….. what? comprehend him? understand him?

“May I help you Ma’m?”

“Sure. Do you have this cable in black?”

“This cable?” pause. raised eyebrows. “What are you trying to do?”

“Attaching my phone to a speaker.”

“A flip phone?” (now why does he assume I have a flip phone? I expected him at any moment to enlighten me that we no longer need our phones attached to the wall)

The conversation continued as he questioned me if I had a smart phone “you know, the kind of phone that you can connect to the internet?”

He then proceeded to explain (in excruciating slowness, pronouncing every syllable) that iPhones come in different models, and if I’d show him my phone, he’d be happy to tell me what kind I had. ( ??##@!?!)

Truly I do appreciate good honest genuine help. There are many, many times that I need advice, instruction, correction and guidance.

All I ask is please don’t ASSUME that I know nothing because I am (1) female and (2) outside of the usual demographic.

8 thoughts on “Today I Got A Two-fer: Sexism AND Ageism

  1. My favorite clerk comment: “My mom and my grandmother have phones like this one. I think you’ll like it.”

    Playing dumb could be fun. I do that with people who call and ask for my bank account number so they can help me with orders I didn’t place.

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