Your Email Signature, How to Choose It and Change It

photo credit: Dunechaser via photo pin cc

When you send an email from your device, it has a little “stamped” message at the bottom of your text, either “sent from my iPhone” or “sent from my iPad”. If you are a relatively new user, you may have wondered if you can change this message.

Yes, you can change this stamp, customizing it however you would like…. or choose to have no message at all.

But before you change it, you might want to give it a little thought. To my surprise, a bit of googling told me that there are some people who consider it rude to leave that default “sent from my iPhone” on their messages. I truly can’t understand why. I’ve left it on mine, just so that if I send an email from my phone, the recipient will understand why it is short or abrupt or loaded with typos. However, I only send personal emails.

Professional signatures must include contact information. A good list of what to include can be found here.

Personal signatures vary from the simple “regards” to comedy (“sent from my Atari 2600”) to inspirational quotes or lines from literature.

One note: If you are a “future rock star”, be sure to update that signature before you start inquiring for professional positions!

A point to be made here is that no matter what you use, it seems like someone will find fault with it. (Even whether or not to include an email address in a business signature has elicited much debate).

So the best advice comes from Indiana Jones: Choose Wisely.

These directions are the same for both the iPad and the iPhone.

Here is how you make a change: Go to your settings and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. Then tap “Signature”.

You will now see a text box, with the current message in it. Replace it with your name, or whatever else you would like to appear at the bottom of every email that you send.

Once you have made your changes (you can just make it blank), you are done. There is no “save” button, it just works.

To go back, touch the “Mail, Contacts..” arrow at the TOP of your screen, and this will take you back to Settings. Give your Home Button a push, and you are back to a screen full of your icons.

All done. The next email you send will contain your new signature.

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