An Awesome Sound Machine for Your iPad: Relax Melodies

I have dedicated an entire “page” on my iPad to, well, I guess it’s best described as Zen. Sound apps, peaceful doodles, meditations, and yes, I even have one of those candle apps.

Eventually I will highlight all of my favorites, but today I’m focusing on one delightful sound machine.

What sets this app apart from many others is the ability to mix your sounds. I really enjoy that capability. You can touch on ‘river’ and add some ‘chimes’ and throw in a ‘guitar’. The possibilities are endless. You can also adjust the volume of each of these sounds, so that you can make one sound dominant over another.

There are a few (just enough) bells and whistles included in this sound machine such as an alarm (with fade in abilities), a timer (with a fade out). You can adjust the sound of your individual selections as you mix them, and hit a single button to clear and start again.

I particularly enjoy the ability to save a set of sounds. You can make your mix and save this group as a favorite. Very, very nice.

The basic choice screens are visually pleasant. The sound icons dangle on strings in front of a nighttime sky with gently moving clouds.

You can set your sounds and listen to them while you visiting other favorite spots on your iPad. I use it regularly when I am reading with my Kindle app.

And sometimes I just simply play with the sounds. It is delightfully relaxing to just fiddle and tap and experiment and make a gentle mix. Basically, just doodling with sound.

Relax M P HD for the iPad. The full version is $3.99 but there is a free version to try. (FYI: I upgraded the same day.)


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