What Game Can You Play in 15 Seconds (or less) on Your iPad or iPhone?

Sometimes you just have a few moments. You have your iPhone or your iPad in your hands, but for whatever reason this is not the time to sink into the black hole of some all-absorbing role-playing game. Even Angry Birds would be a bad “few moments” choice (only one more pig to slam, but you have to stop, NOW. uh, oh)

This “few moments” scenerio happens to us all, and UConnect is a super puzzle game to fill that time.

So simple, yet so puzzle-satisfying.

You are presented with one screen with a collection of lines, forming a shape. Your job: run your finger over all the lines (each and every one) without lifting your finger off the screen.

That’s all there is. It doesn’t take a lot of time (unless you get totally stumped). It takes some thought, but not terribly much, so it’s easy to pick up and do on the fly, in between the real life-tasks.

When you run your finger successfully, the puzzle morphs into the next one. A counter on the bottom right of the screen shows you how many you have completed. It remembers where you left off, so if you do 12 puzzles, the next time you open it, you will be set up with puzzle number 13. If you really get stuck, there are hints.

There are over 1000 puzzles, so this will keep your “moments” filled for a long, long time.

UConnect for both iPhone and iPad is 99 cents
A lite version is also available for free


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