Beware the Autocorrect and How to Turn It Off If It Bites You

Autocorrect is a handy feature OR Autocorrect is a pain in the neck. People seem to feel strongly one way or the other. Personally, I’ve come to accept it and live with it, but I’m always cautiously on the lookout for my autocorrect to “get” me with a last minute change to my text or email, so I try to keep my eyes on the product of my typing.

For those of you who are new to iPhones and iPads, you will notice autocorrect when you are tapping out an email or a message. As you type, a little box will occasionally pop-up with the word that it thinks that you want. If it pops up during your creation of a word, and this pop-up IS the word that you want, you can stop typing. Just hit the space bar and your word will appear in the spot where you were typing it.

If the pop-up is NOT the word you want, you can tap this little “X” to dismiss the autocorrect.

BUT most of the time we do not watch the screen all that closely and we “tap-tap-send” without realizing that the autocorrect has changed a word to what it thinks we want to say ….. often with some very funny results. One of the most popular spots on the internet is Damn You Autocorrect with hilarious examples of these mess-ups.

If you would rather not keep a vigilant eye on your autocorrect you can turn it off. This is how:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and then turn autocorrect to OFF.

To view PC World’s “The Best of Damn You Autocorrect”, click here.


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