Dear Dinosaur: Don’t Be Afraid to Try an eReader

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photo pin cc

“I’m a dinosaur and I’m proud of it” Really? Proud of it? What are you actually saying?

Well, basically, our Dinosaur is saying that he/she doesn’t want to change.

O.K. I’ll accept that. But the other piece that is implied with this statement is: “…and I’m not even going to try anything new.”

It’s the “I’m not going to try anything new” part that is so sad. In particular, I’m talking about eReaders. I’m afraid that a lot of people are missing out on a life-changing experience, because they just won’t try.

I love books. I love to read, and I truly appreciate the printed page. The design, the bindings, the covers, the weight of the book, the whole package. So I do understand the argument when people say “I’ll never read an ebook” because they usually cite all these same reasons.

I’ll admit I was probably attracted to my first Kindle because I am a gadget lover, not because I was interested in e-reading. I had no real complaints in my reading-life. But the Kindle was new and shiny and had buttons to push. : )

One book, and I was hooked. There are so many pluses to e-reading, especially for aging readers. Just the ability to adjust font size is, well, priceless. The Kindle, for example, is light and easy to hold. Battery life is astoundingly good, so you do not need to charge it often. It is easy to shop for books at the Amazon website, and with one-click, your reading choice appears on your device.

Book samples are another major perk of e-reading. You can have a sample sent to your device before you buy. Now I wonder how I ever selected books to read in the days before samples.

There are many e-readers in the market. Obviously, I am a Kindle fan, but Barnes and Noble’s Nook also gets cheers from the reading public. And of course you can read on your iPad, as well. And your iPhone, too. I previously talked about reading on all three devices, here. (There is an ongoing great debate of e-ink screens vs lit screens, but that is a subject for another day. Just let me make the point to our beloved Dinosaur, that the e-ink screen mimics improves a paper experience by being clear and crisp and easy on the eyes.)

Now a word to our Dinosaur: Don’t bite yourself in the foot. Although “new” isn’t always better, sometimes you have to dip a toe in the water and just try. I think you’ll be surprised to find that e-reading is something you’ll very much enjoy.

(p.s. did you know that Amazon has a 30 day return policy for the Kindle? In other words…. nothing to lose!)


4 thoughts on “Dear Dinosaur: Don’t Be Afraid to Try an eReader

  1. Another good thing about the Kindle, is it makes it easier for people who have visual disturbances, such as Asfedia / Irlens Syndrome. For example, I can read for about 30 mins with a normal book before I start to get to to tired to read anymore (keeping those letters still on the page is quite hard work), but I can read for hours on a kindle, as the letters hardly move at all.

    • Wonderful example of the benefits of e-reading! I’m so glad that the Kindle enables you to read. While I am fortunate enough not to have any major vision issue, I have found that the e-ink, the straight lines of print (rather than curved on a bent page), and the adjustable fonts for tired eyes all have enhanced my reading life significantly. Again … I’m so delighted for you. I’m sure this has made a world of difference, personally and professionally. 🙂

  2. Daniela says:

    I confess – I am the one of the old school paper books lovers … you know when you snuggle in bed with a book that still smells fresh from print and has crisp pages … does that qualifies for dinosaur? Hope not -:)! Having said that – I have tried and can see the benefits of e-readers … except they are a bit cold for snuggle!

    • Oh, but you’d be surprised how snuggly a kindle can be! I’ve found it makes bed-reading better than ever. I can lay on my side, with one arm under my pillow or anywhere, because I can ‘turn’ the pages with just one hand (tap tap). And I used to have a terrible time with big books when I would move from position to position. They would slam closed, or drop a few pages, or I couldn’t read the right side of the book if I was laying on my right side, for example. I do understand, Daniela, I really do. At least you tried an eReader. The real dinosaurs are the ones who refuse to try. 🙂

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