Good Vibrations: How to Change the Vibration Pattern on Your iPhone

photo credit: teamaskins via photo pin cc

We all know that we can select different sounds for the alerts on our phone. But did you know that you can also change the vibration pattern?

I’m not really sure how useful this is, but it is kind of fun. If your OS is up-to-date, you can change the standard vibrate of “buzzz – buzzz” to several other patterns, or even invent a pattern of your own.

Here is how you do it:

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Custom Vibrations. Toggle the switch to “on” for Custom Vibrations.

Now go back – back – back to the first Settings page.

This time, select “Sounds”

Now slide all the way down and you will see “Vibration” (It’s right under the heading of “Vibration Patterns”) Tap on “Vibration”.

You will see several choices. The standard alert which you are probably using (which is named “Alert” … so descriptively appropriate (grins) ), and a few others; Heartbeat, Rapid, SOS and Symphony. Touch any or all of them to feel/hear the different patterns.

Now let’s look at “Create New Vibration”. Once you tap it, you will be brought to a new screen titled “New Vibration”. This is the place where you can tap out your favorite rhythm to use as your new vibration alert. Keep tapping and canceling until you have an alert that you would like to use. Save it, name it and select it as your tone.

Giving this a bit of thought, I suppose if you are a person who keeps your phone on silent a lot (especially in a work environment), it might be helpful to have a dedicated vibration pattern for your significant other or perhaps assigned to an important call you are waiting to receive. And so, when it vibrates in your pocket (or bra) you will know who is calling without having to look at the screen.

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