New Puzzle Game for Your iPad and iPhone: Flow Free

I enjoy puzzle games. Especially ones that are nice to look at, easy to learn, and provide an ever-increasing challenge. A new puzzle game came out earlier this month that meets all of these criteria, so I was quick to download it from the App Store. I have not been disappointed. It plays on both the iPhone and on the iPad.

It is called Flow Free. The board is a grid with pairs of colorful dots. Your job is to connect the pairs of dots, matching the two of the same color. It gets tricky, because you can’t cross over another connected pair. You also have to fill up the board, but so far that requirement hasn’t been a problem.

Flow Free is simple at first, with small 5 x 5 grids. But the grids move up in size, 6 x 6, 7 x 7, 8 x 8, 9 x 9, up to 14 x 14, so it gets increasingly more difficult.

There are 300 puzzles that you can do for free, and then if you want more, you can buy “packs” from within the app for 99¢. Buying packs also eliminates the (pesky) ads that are part of the free version. I bought a pack quickly because I find those ads REALLY annoying. Once you buy a single pack, the ads are all gone throughout the game.

If you buy a pack from your iPad, this purchase will apply to your iPhone, as well. However, after purchasing a puzzle pack from your iPad, when you first go to this puzzle app on your iPhone, you will still see the ads and not have access to the puzzle pack that you just purchased. You must tap the SAME puzzle pack that you bought from your iPad, agree to purchase it (again) and enter your password. Don’t panic….. the app store will then inform you that you have already purchased this puzzle pack, and ask if you would like to download it, which, of course, you do. At that moment the ads will *poof!* disappear, and the new puzzles will be available on your iPhone as well as on your iPad.

I love a game that I can pick up and jump right in, playing and puzzling my way through the levels. It starts off easy, but as the grids increase in size, it takes more thoughtful concentration.

There are two ways to play. One with the objective to pair the dots and fill the board at your own pace. The other is a timed version, where your goal is to finish as many levels as you can within a chosen amount of time.

Flow Free is free in the app store. In-game packs of puzzles are 99¢ each

10 thoughts on “New Puzzle Game for Your iPad and iPhone: Flow Free

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the game, and if I got stuck I could move to the next level and then go back. NOw mine Hague a padlock on them and I can’t move on. FRUSTRATING

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