How to Delete a Batch of Photos from Your iPhone or iPad

I am guilty of taking lots of pictures with my iPhone. It’s just so easy. I take pictures of flowers and sunsets and baby rabbits. I’ll take pictures of my entree in a restaurant or of a price tag of something I’m considering purchasing from a big box store (so I can compare prices, later). Anything that strikes my fancy in the moment gets a ‘snap’. I take pictures of things I never would have taken pictures of before, and I’m loving it. With a camera in my pocket at all times, it’s just so easy, that I can’t resist simply recording the every-day passing of life. Little moments of nothing everything.

But, because I take pictures liberally, my photo roll fills up. I quickly have (gulp) hundreds (let’s be honest, more like 1000) in the blink of an eye. Even if I sync with the computer, I tend to opt to keep the photos on the phone, so they build up fast.

There are two ways to delete photos directly from your iPhone or iPad.

You probably know that you can delete the photos one by one. Just touch your Photos icon (that’s the sunflower), then select “Camera Roll”. Touch any photo, and you will see the trash can down at the bottom, on the right. Touch that trash can, and the photo will ‘whoosh’ down into the trash.

However, if you collect LOTS of photos as I do, deleting one-by-one just isn’t an option. You’ll need a batch approach, deleting a whole bunch at once.

Here is how you delete many photos at once from your iPhone or iPad:

Tap your Photos icon (the sunflower), then select “Camera Roll”. Now, look up at the upper right hand corner at the “action” box with the arrow coming out of it. Tap that arrow/box.

Your screen now shows “Select Photos” at the top. So, go ahead, and tap any photo that you want to delete. A little check box will appear on each photo and it will fade out just a bit. Keep on tapping.

Once you have selected all the photos that you want to delete, tap the “delete” button that you see on the bottom of the screen (on the iPhone) or at the top of the screen (on the iPad). A confirmation will jump up that you must touch to confirm that you want to delete all of these photos. Once you touch this red bar, the pictures are gone (and you can’t get them back, so delete carefully).


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