Special eBook Deals for Kindle Reading (on a Kindle OR through a Kindle App)

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If you are new to reading on a Kindle or Kindle app, you might not be aware of several sources of Kindle deals that are available.

In the beginning of every month, Amazon selects a collection of 100 books that it puts up for sale for $3.99 or less. There is no question that this is a ‘real’ deal, as I have paid full price for some of the books that I have seen show up in this collection over time : (

Although I have not noticed wildly successful best-sellers on this monthly list, there have been some pretty good reads. This month, for example, I see that Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano is on sale for $3.99, and I remember reading it (at full price) a while ago. Elizabeth Street is based on a true story, a multi-generational saga about a family of Italian immigrants, early 1900’s, in NYC’s lower East Side. I enjoy period works, and Elizabeth Street did not disappoint. I’m guessing that if this book showed up on the “sale” list, there must be other gems, as well.

Every day Amazon also lists books that are free. Again, the selection is not stellar, but standouts appear every now and then. It’s a matter of checking in often, as the list changes frequently. Over time, I have grabbed a number of these, altho admittedly many are, well, poor. But taking the time to sift through, I have found some keepers.

One other place to look at Amazon, is their daily deal. A different book is on sale each day. When Amazon first started the Daily Deal, I was excited, hoping that popular books would appear as the daily special. This doesn’t seem to be the case, but it is always worth checking.

Another great source is Pixel of Ink. In their own words: “Pixel of Ink features daily publishing of Free Kindle Books and Hot Deals. On any given day, there are thousands of Free Kindle Books available. Each day there are hundreds of newly free Kindle Books that we sort through to bring you what you want – the best of the bunch” You can find Pixel of Ink here.

Of course, don’t forget your local library. Over 11,000 libraries are now participating, and hopefully your library will be among them.

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If you have a Kindle or just a Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone (or Android), you can check out books from your participating library and read them on your device. Just go to your library’s website, and search for a book to borrow. Once you select it, you will choose to “send to Kindle” and you will be redirected to Amazon, log in to your Amazon account, and the book will be delivered to your device via WiFi.

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      Oh, my gosh… thank you for the “tag” .. Not sure what is how or how to do it, but I will explore and gladly participate. Thank you, my dear friend!

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