IMDb app: Movie, TV Database Extraordinaire!

If you are one of those people who watches an old movie and says “what ever happened to ……. “ (isn’t everyone one of those people?), you will love the IMDb.

IMDb, The Internet Movie Database, is an awesome website, and it is also a very fine, functioning app.

The IMDb is simply amazing. This database contains all you want to know about every movie ever made: who was in it, where it was filmed, trivia, bloopers, everything and everyone, right down to the crew. Search for a television show, and you will be presented with a complete list of the cast, the number of seasons, a listing of episodes, and plot summaries.

Recently I’ve been watching LOST on Netflix (missed it when it ran several years ago), and I wondered how many seasons there were. Just a tap-tap and my question was answered. I also recognized a cast member as “someone I’ve seen before” and with a few clicks I viewed his career list and had my ah-ha moment, “oh, that’s where I saw him…” I’m not a movie junkie, but I find myself turning to it surprisingly often.

The fabulous-ness truly kicks in with its depth: everything is click-able. Tap on an actor, and you will get a page dedicated to him, listing everything that he has done since he began his career. When you notice a movie within that list and you wonder “who else was in that movie?”, just click on it, and you will be presented with all you want to know and lots more.

It isn’t flawless, but it is pretty darn close. If you go back in time, to the earliest of movies, there will be gaps. I chose a silent film star, Louise Brooks, as a “test” for information on movies nearly 90 years old. There is a photo of her, and as I jumped from one of her movies to another, I found occasional photos of her co-stars. If the database doesn’t have a photo, they use a blank silhouette to represent the person. In spite of the lack of photographs, there was still a surprising amount of information for movies in those early years.

If you have enabled the app to recognize your location, a list of movies showing near you will appear on the opening page of the app. Tap any one of these movies and up comes all kinds of information including the theatre where it is showing and the time when it will be playing.

You also have a place to touch to see the trailer for the movie, and these trailers show up beautifully on the iPad.

You can get lost in IMDB. One tap leads to another and another. It is fun to “play” with, but it is also a wonderful reference tool.

IMDb is free in the iTunes store.


2 thoughts on “IMDb app: Movie, TV Database Extraordinaire!

  1. Don’t you just love Lost? It is one of my all time favourite series. Thanks for reminding me about this site. It happens to me all the time when I am so busy trying to think what I have seen an actor in before that I can’t even concentrate on the movie. So I’m now going to save Imdb onto my favourites list.

    • Yes! I have been loving Lost. I don’t know why I missed it all back when it was on, but I’m glad I didn’t try to catch up, because I think it’s important to watch from the beginning. I’m halfway through the last season now …. wondering how its all going to end…… shhhhh! : )

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