Hidden Letters on Your Split iPad Keyboard: How to Split and Find

photo credit: Denise ~*~ via photo pin cc

Are you a thumb typer? Many people type with their thumbs on their phones. But on the iPad?

Balancing the iPad while you type can be difficult. Holding it with one hand as you type with the other feels a bit unbalanced and the thought of dropping it is just too costly to even consider.

If you split the keyboard, you can hold the iPad securely, and, yes, type with your thumbs. This might not be your choice for all-the-time, and many people don’t like it at all, but for those who do, you might be interested in some HIDDEN keys beyond the split.

Before we find those hidden keys, let’s split your keyboard:

Bring up an email, or notepad or something else where the keyboard appears.

Look for the key with the picture of the keyboard on it that is next to the 123 button on the lower right side.

(If you tap on that button, the keyboard disappears. But we don’t want to make the keyboard disappear, we want to split it.)

To split the keyboard, touch and HOLD that button. You’ll see a little menu appear that gives you two options: undock and split.

Tap on “split” to split your keyboard. As soon as you tap on “split”, you will see the keyboard separate, and rise up into the lower middle area of the iPad screen. It will also get a bit smaller to fit your thumbs.

Now you can hold the iPad securely with two hands while you type.

Touch and hold the button again to merge the keyboard and re-dock at the bottom on your screen.

The HIDDEN keys are in the blank areas on either side of the keyboard. Just stretch your thumb out a little further beyond the ”t” and you can type a “y”. Tap the blank area next to the “v” and you’ll get a “b”.

This also works if you split the numbers keyboard. Tap the empty space next to the “5” and get a “6” and so on.

I’m not a thumb typer, so I can’t really judge the value of all this, but I think it’s always fun just to find a hidden feature, in this case, an “easter egg” in the keyboard : )

6 thoughts on “Hidden Letters on Your Split iPad Keyboard: How to Split and Find

  1. I love that idea of being able to type with my thumbs but can’t do that on the Galaxy tab (as far as I know). I’m now on a mission to find one of those external bluetooth keyboards for it.

  2. You can also split the keyboard by dragging the G and H apart, and put it back together by smooshing them back together ( drag G and H together again). Although I am not a split keyboard typer at all!

    • Oh, that’s so cool! I didn’t know that. I love learning new things like this. I just tried it, and watched the keyboard part as you said, then I smooshed it back. Love it! Thanks so much. Let me also say that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your students are very lucky. 🙂

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