The Olympics for Your iPad and iPhone

Just a quick FYI post today….

If you are interested in following the Olympics, NBC just put two apps into the iTunes store yesterday.

One is called NBC Olympics. This app is designed to show highlights, schedules of events, and results. It also features a “Primetime Companion” to be used while you are watching the Olympics on TV. Note at the end of the description of the app on iTunes, they state that video is only available in the US and some US territories. Be sure you read this fine print.

The other app is called NBC Olympics Live Extra. This is a streaming app, made to stream live events to satellite, cable and Telco customers. You will have to verify that you have a subscription to one of these services in order to use this app. It’s packing some pretty large promises: that you can watch every event (that’s EVERY event) live, that you can replay, and that you will have alternate camera views for some sports. It will be interesting to see if this app lives up to its claims.

Both apps are free in the iTunes store.


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