Amazing Alex Reminds Me of the Old Mousetrap Game: A Mid-Week Distraction

Although I enjoy doing puzzle games on my iPad, I confess that I have a very short attention span. I’ll open a game, and stick with it for a screen or two and then move on.

But yesterday I downloaded a new game, and I stuck with it through 20 screens before wandering off. And I plan to try another as soon as I finish writing this post.

Amazing Alex is a new game, recently released by Roxio. You know Roxio, that is the company that gives us all those Angry Birds.

(And, speaking of ‘angry’, those birds are my primary complaint about this game: they keep shoving Angry Birds advertisements in between your play. Now I’m an “angry bird”, myself.)

If you are a fan of physics puzzles, you will enjoy Amazing Alex.

Remember the old Mousetrap Game? (Do kids still play with that?)

Mousetrap really describes Amazing Alex in a nutshell. Your job is to get the ball(s) from here to there by using assorted things to direct the ball(s) and get it to bounce, drop or roll into the goal-spot.

The items are easy to move, to rotate and to place. You set them up just as you like and then push the “go” arrow to start the motion. There’s the fun as you watch the progress of the ball(s) move through the Rube Goldberg device that you have created.

For a short-attention-span-puzzle-player like me, I can tackle a single scene and move along to something else.

And there is surprising satisfaction when you create a successful series of drops, cuts and rolls.

You might stifle a real cheer when your ball(s) falls in the bucket!

Amazing Alex is 99¢ in the iTunes store.


10 thoughts on “Amazing Alex Reminds Me of the Old Mousetrap Game: A Mid-Week Distraction

  1. Hello Angry Bird. I’m so excited! As soon as I read this, I went to Play Store (as I always do) and I found Amazing Alex. So I have downloaded the free version. Be warned – I may get involved and not sleep tonight and then I’ll have an angry boss if I fall asleep at work tomorrow – then the cat is being shipped to you so that she won’t starve.

  2. Yes, kids do still play Mousetrap. How do I know? Not more than two weeks ago, I played it with some friends’ children. The game obviously has some longevity and is now taking a new form!

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