Poet’s Day? and How Smartphones Kill Bar-Talk

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Last evening we were watching a British program. As close as we are (US and UK) in every way, there are still a great many differences in language, and I love that. There are all the usual suspects, i.e. lifts (elevators), chips (french fries), crisps (potato chips), holiday (vacation), but I especially enjoy it when something new (to me) creeps in.

This brings us to POETS DAY.

That’s “Poets Day” with no apostrophe.

The context: The character in the program we were watching was gathering up his things from work and getting ready to leave for the day. He was over-the-top gleeful and reminding everyone else to get going, too, because it was “Poets Day.”

So I thought the obvious and imagined those words with an apostrophe, as in “Poet’s Day”.

But this made no sense to me… I mean, poets are lovely and all that, but why were these people so gleeful about a day in honor of poets?

There was nothing else I could glean from the context of the program, so that was that. No clues.

Now, in the not-very-long-ago past, we would have puzzled over this for days. It’s the kind of thing that shows up in bar-talk, or assorted other casual conversation. It would get tossed out, chewed around, spit out, poked, prodded and pulled through conversation. What is? What do you think? COULD IT BE?

This conversation would take all night.

But the internet has changed all that. We don’t have to puzzle. We don’t have to wonder. We just google.

At that bar (or pub), someone from the group will pull out a phone, and within seconds the matter is closed.

No speculative conversation needed. Squished. Squelched. Chatter has subtly changed, since everyone has the “right answers” in their pockets.

No doubt about it. Smart phones are changing the way we interact with each other.

Let’s return to Poets Day.

I plugged it in to google and learned:

Poets Day = (stands for): Push out early tomorrow’s Saturday.

ahhhh. Now it all makes sense. It’s a TGIF kind of thing.

p.s. there is another version, swapping “push” with another four letter P word.

I choose “push” 🙂


12 thoughts on “Poet’s Day? and How Smartphones Kill Bar-Talk

      • No! First time I’d ever heard of it and was quite fascinated. The closest thing we have here to that and TGIF is woza weekend which basically means ‘hurry up and get here weekend’. Just received a message from our mutual friend who has landed safely – first stop was. .. wait for it. .. Walmart 🙂

  1. Great post. Of course, for me, it’s a little bit easier. I am of British decent – so understand their lingo and, of course, we get to see all the US films and series, so I get to know yours as well. The difficulty for me is when I am speaking to a non-South African. Of course, living here has taught me all sorts of SA sayings, both from English and Afrikaans, plus a few of the tribal languages thrown in. I try not to use slang, because I know people won’t understand but sometimes I simply cannot remember whether it’s UK slang, US slang, SA slang or any other variable. It does making writing this blog interesting.

    • That’s is just wonderful..I love how you are enriched with all the different slang from all those sources. It makes language rich and varied, like a beautiful quilt. I think this is one of the reasons I love the internet, so. It allows us to reach out and connect around the world in an almost-personal way. I love that. It really is a small world and getting smaller. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! 🙂

  2. I think, that let bar talk aside, that kill some others (drivers, pddestrians, pedestrians and drivers (any combination of the two),to say nothing of cyclists. Do you feel sometimes tha tyou have to lower your voice in a…. market, to allow someone to scream to oneself (in a cell-phone?) what’s the etichette on that: should one discretely clear the area, or just pretend someone tals on the phone…What if they aren’t? what they trully talk to themselves? 🙂

    • It’s true…. it would be a great way to secretly talk to yourself. Just hold up a cell phone and no one would be the wiser.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to make a comment 🙂

  3. Alice says:

    We interact with all the gizmos instead of each other. But as a poet, I rather got my hopes up at the blog title. Dashed. Fun.

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