Your Favorite Photo As Van Gogh Would Have Painted It: Photo Art with ubrush

“Zoe” painted with ubrush

There are many art apps available, and I have tried quite a few. Some I like more than others for ease of use, or for style, or for available brushes, etc.

The thing that sets this app apart from the rest is the easy way you can take your favorite photograph and turn it into a beautiful painting. This is just plain cool.

Photo Art! You select a photo to import into the app, and the app turns it into a sketch.

You take that sketch and pour YOU into it. Turn it into your own masterpiece.

I imported this photo that I took from under the Seattle Space Needle. First you see the original photo …. and then the sketch that this app generates.

Original Photo

Photo Sketch

Once you have the sketch on your screen, it is up to you to create and PLAY. You can paint ‘freehand’ with a variety of brushes (even crayons). Your photo… your inspiration.

OR you can tap into the inspiration of Van Gogh, or Renoir, Impressionists and more, and choose something called an “Artist Brush”. With this brush, you turn your photograph into a painting influenced by the style you have chosen.

I used some of the artist brushes on this same photo of the Space Needle.

Just awesome!

Your masterpiece can be saved to a Gallery within the App, and from there it can be saved to your camera roll or exported as an email.

Of course you can always further personalize your devices by using your creations for wallpaper. For my lock screen, I used my dog photo-painting (cleverly included here as the photo introducing this blog post).

ubrush is on sale for $1.99 in the iTunes store Works on both the iPhone or iPad.


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