How to Make an Album in Photos on Your iPad and iPhone

Your photo roll can start to fill up fast and before you know it, you have photo-chaos. Although the functions of the included Photos app are limited, you can make albums, and this can help keep you uncluttered until you break down someday and get yourself some fully functioning photo apps.

By making an album, you can group your photos however you’d like, making them easier to locate and ready to view as a slideshow “on topic” instead of just the random collection that shows up on your photo roll.

This is how to make an Album in Photos:
(I am demonstrating on the iPad, but setting up on the iPhone is so similar, you shouldn’t have any trouble following for that, as well)

Open your Photos app (yellow sunflower).

Select “Albums” (iPad …across the top of the screen) (iPhone …. bottom of the screen)

Tap on “edit”

Tap on “New Album” on the iPad. (“Add” on the iPhone)

Once you select “New Album” you will be asked to provide a name for your new album. Type in a name, then touch “Save”. (I named my new album “Favorite Places”)

At this point a screen will pop up with all of your photos. Just tap to select the ones that you want included in this album. Little blue checkmarks will appear on each of the photos that you select. When you are done making your choices, touch “done”.

That’s it! You now have a new album.

By touching (opening) this album, you will see only the photos that you have chosen to be included.


2 thoughts on “How to Make an Album in Photos on Your iPad and iPhone

  1. Trudi says:

    Hi, Kath,
    This worked beautifully, but when I went back to where the original photos once were and tried to delete them, a message asked if I wanted to delete these photos EVERYWHERE?

    • It’s just alerting you that you used the photos that you want to delete in an album, so if you delete the photo, it will be deleted from your album, as well. My understanding is that the album is not a new saved source, just a way of sorting the photos by using the originals. So if you delete the original, it will disappear from the album, as well. 🙂

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