Free iPads for Qantas Passengers…. ALL of them

photo credit: Simon Lieschke via photo pin cc

Passengers flying within Australia, on Qantas Airlines (Boeing 767s), will soon have their in-flight entertainment delivered via iPads.

That’s iPads for everyone…. not just first class. One iPad for EACH passenger. Free-of-charge.

Instead of accessing an entertainment system on the back of the seat in front of you, you’ll be handed an iPad to use in flight. This iPad will have access to over 200 hours of in-flight streaming entertainment programming.

Qantas had recently run a trial program, and based on its success they will be passing out the free iPads by the end of the year.

Other airlines have given business class customers tablets to use, and charged a fee to economy class customers. Qantas is the first to give iPads to all passengers, free-of-charge.

Another bonus….. the iPads weigh less than the very heavy in-seat entertainment systems, so there will be cost savings on fuel.

That makes a win-win. A win for the passengers and a win for the airline, as well.

I bring my own iPad when I fly, but I always worry about the battery lasting for those longer flights. This would make those worries “fly away” (sorry).

US airlines? Are you listening? Let’s do this!


12 thoughts on “Free iPads for Qantas Passengers…. ALL of them

  1. How cool is this? Good ol’ Ozzies. Better not tell my sister in Australia about this – she may put off her visit to us (scheduled for September) until the offer is introduced across the board.

    • Don’tcha think they should do this for those longer flights? Sitting in those cramped economy seats, I need all the distraction I can get. Hope your sister has a great flight (even without the iPad). 🙂

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