Play Golf for Free This Weekend with Super Stickman Golf for iPhone and iPad

I don’t play golf, except for the mini-kind. And since I don’t play golf, those popular golf games (like Tiger Woods) have too many bells and whistles for me to enjoy. I don’t understand clubs and wedges and slices and draws and fades, so all the extra detail that is craved by some… well, it puts me off.

But I DO like physics-puzzler games. Super Stickman Golf is advertised as a super combination of golf + puzzler.

And … it is FREE for a limited time, so with nothing to lose, I downloaded it yesterday.

So far I like it a lot. I don’t have a long attention span for games. I like ones that I can pick up, play just a bit, and set aside. I also don’t enjoy a long learning curve. I want to play and I want to play, now. I don’t want to have to suffer through long directions.

Super Stickman is quick to learn and I was swinging my way through the first course in no time at all. It takes just a few taps to adjust the swing and a double tap to choose power and hit the ball.

I played the first course twice, and this unlocked the second course.

Quick, satisfying play.

There are special balls that will be unlocked as you slug your way through a large number of courses.

I don’t expect to be disappointed, because the reviews for this game are extraordinarily positive.

Super Stickman Golf is FREE for a limited time in the iTunes Store. If you miss the free offer, it is usually 99¢.


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