iPad Mini: Will It Douse the Kindle Fire?

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photo pin cc

It is looking more and more like the rumors are true. A mini-iPad is on the horizon.

This is still rumor, with no official confirmations from Apple, but sources such as the NYTimes and CNET are now reporting that the iPad mini will be coming as early as September.

How mini is mini? The guesses are that it will have a 7.85 inch screen. The standard, larger iPad of today has a screen of 9.7 inches. It may not sound like a lot, but it will make for a different experience.

This smaller sized iPad is the perfect size for slipping into a woman’s purse or a small bag of any sort. This makes it more portable than the regular iPad. The recent popularity of Google’s Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire shows that people are enjoying the smaller screen …… and of course, the smaller price tag.

The predicted cost of the iPad mini is rumored to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 – $250, with all the capabilities of the larger iPads. A proven sweet spot of pricing, Apple is hoping to draw in people who want an iPad, but are unwilling to pay the high price for the standard sized iPad tablet.

My thoughts on this: I think a smaller, less expensive iPad is a great idea. The portability is a plus and of course the price tag makes it more affordable. Those are two points strongly in it’s favor.

On the down side, the iPad mini will not have as much internal storage as the largest iPads, and, of course, some people will not be interested in the small screen.

Personally, although I am delighted every day with my standard sized iPad, and I love the large screen, I’ll admit that although I take my iPad with me when I travel, for everyday use I usually leave it at home. It is an awkward size to carry around regularly.

As the Christmas gift-giving season approaches, I imagine the iPad mini will do very well.

It might also be chosen as a second iPad for a family who has one already. While a second full-priced iPad would be too expensive to consider, the mini-model would allow the family to add a second device at a much lower price and have a tablet that is easy to take-and-go.

And for those folks who have been considering an iPad, but just couldn’t bring themselves to invest the $, this mini iPad will be the perfect entry device.

I’m glad I don’t have to make the choice. I’d waffle. Portability vs larger screen? Trade off memory for a smaller size? Pros and Cons. Cons and Pros.

But overall I think that CHOICES are always a good thing. The more choices, the better.

(Note to my new-to-iPad and iPhone readers: If you have an iPhone, and get an iPad (or vice versa), the APPS that you have already purchased will be usable on the other device as well. You do not have to re-purchase them. There are a few apps that are an exception to this rule, but MOST apps are yours across ALL your Apple devices. I will dedicate a post to this, shortly.)


19 thoughts on “iPad Mini: Will It Douse the Kindle Fire?

  1. thanks for the update … always interested in products that costs less and travel better .. I have the ipad and find myself leaving it at home as I have an iphone …. it seems a waste really

    • I do the same. But when I go away, even for an overnight, I want the iPad with me. For frequent travelers, a mini iPad would be a delight.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    Sigh. I just made it into the laptop world. For those who travel, this mini sound great–possibly the best of two worlds.

    • Don’t despair! You are a writer … a laptop is your friend. You would be lost without a keyboard. Granted, you can get accessory keyboards for iPads, but a laptop is probably a great choice for you. I don’t think an iPad can actually replace a laptop in all circumstances. I personally enjoy having both. Different devices … different reasons.

  3. My Galaxy tab is about the same size as an iPad and even though I hunted high and low for a handbag that my tablet would fit into nicely, I find it a bit bulky to carry around with me to work especially on days when I take the train, which defeats the object of being able to use it to read while I’m commuting. A more affordable, smaller iPad will be great even if it does have less memory. And as for Alice’s comment – while I love my tablet, I wouldn’t give up my laptop – I find it so much easier to write posts on my good ol’ faithful …

  4. Me, too!! I am typing on a laptop, now, and manage this blog on the laptop ……. but I love my tablet (for different reasons). For me, it’s not “either/or”. I use them both.
    I feel your pain with the purse. I found the Vera Bradley Villager was large enough for the iPad, although I don’t carry that very often. But since I’m hopping on a plane later this week, I’ll be pulling out that old Vera Bradley bag because I’m not getting getting on a plane without my iPad!! 🙂

  5. Daniela says:

    Thanks to your insightful articles I am getting updated and can even hold conversations with those in my daughter’s circle who seem to roll millions fresh IT facts off their tongues without blinking an eye! Ha, mum is no ‘dinosaur’ any longer. Gadgets are of course more expensive in my end of the woods since we are sort of ‘out of the main global highways’; still I am getting increasingly interested in getting something portable to take with me. My laptop serves me fine for writings, but it will be nice to have smaller device to take around, (so I can sneak a look at my blog while at work … oh to feed one’s addiction).
    Have a great day!

  6. Interesting stuff. I haven’t got an ipad yet because of the initial outlay, so perhaps one of the new mini ones might be a better option for me. Thanks for the info!

  7. Wow! This sounds terrific! I want to get a tablet of some kind for my oldest son for his homeschooling and am lost on which one to get. This sounds like a wonderful choice. I am interested in reading your post on how to transfer apps. We have ipods and I have an iphone and am lost on how to transfer apps or music from one device to the next. 🙂

    • Anticipation is much of the fun! Right now the Mini is still just a rumor, but the announcement (if there is one) should be coming by mid-September. Then you’ll have more information to be able to make a choice. 🙂

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