An Awesome Addition to Your Photo Apps: 360 Panoramic

I originally planned to write about this app later in the week, but it has just been made FREE for a limited time, so I thought I’d hurry out a post right away so that if you are so inclined, you can take advantage of the free offer. 360 Panorama is usually 99¢.

I do enjoy looking at photographs in a panorama style, because they really do give you a better feeling/perspective/understanding of the area photographed. But I am sadly far too lazy to stitch photos together in an editing program.

Enter 360 Panorama by Occipital.

Let me sum this up: WOW!

I downloaded this just before a quick trip to Boston earlier this week. I had planned on experimenting with it, learn how to use it with what I expected to be a decent learning curve, practice with it and eventually write an educated post about it.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was sitting in the Boston Public Garden, snapping photos here and there (what a lovely place!), when I remembered that I had just installed the 360 Panorama on my phone. Although I had never even opened the app at this point, I had a few minutes to spare, and so I thought I’d fire it up and give it a try.

Learning curve? ZERO

This is my very FIRST panoramic photo. I think it is glorious.

All I had to do was aim the camera at my starting point, click the button that starts the camera, and move the phone across the scene. A grid line helps you guide your camera.

As I moved the phone, I heard the ‘click click click click’ as the camera took a bunch of photos.

That was it. It automatically stitches them all together and presents you instantly with a beautiful panorama that then gives you the options to upload to the cloud, save to your camera roll, email it or share on social media.

Later in the day, taking a pause in the Quincy Market area, I thought to try again.

I have shared with you the very first two photos that I took, with NO practice whatsoever. I am delighted. It is so easy to use, it feels like magic.

360 Panorama is FREE in the iTunes store for a limited time. Use on your iPhone and/or iPad.


15 thoughts on “An Awesome Addition to Your Photo Apps: 360 Panoramic

    • I would have been a bit more creative about things to photograph, but it was a horribly hot and humid day. Notice, both pictures were when I was sitting down, desperate for a break!

  1. Just downloaded it onto my tablet from the play store so going to go out on the balcony to give it a try and hope the howling wind doesn’t sweep me over the edge – watch the ness tonight for the ‘blimp over Johannesburg’ story.

    • I empathize with your catch-up-angst! Yet in spite of all you need to do, you took the time to visit and comment, here. I thank you for that! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the Panoramic app as much as I do.

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