Amazon Instant Video Now On Your iPad: Prime Watches Free

Amazon has just released its own app for viewing video via Amazon on the iPad.

Video viewing on a tablet is just so convenient. You can take a movie or favorite television program with you to a hotel, on a long bus ride or in a plane. Until now, Amazon only allowed the Kindle Fire access to its video library. But with the release of this app, the iPad is now compatible with Amazon video.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, this is a real bonus, because there is considerable content available free to Prime members. For users without Amazon Prime, videos can be rented or bought and downloaded to be viewed offline.

Personally I am a Netflix subscriber, and have been enjoying video on my iPad through Netflix. At first glance, it does not appear that the Amazon video library is as deep, nor is it as easy to navigate, but I did see choices that I do not have on Netflix. I don’t think this will cause me to cancel my Netflix subscription, but in time, if Amazon increases their selection …… maybe I’ll be doing some re-thinking about that.

I did have a little trouble navigating within the app. They present you with a multitude of choices and to view you only need to tap and watch. That’s the easy part. But when I wanted to look for some old classic movies, I couldn’t seem to find them through the app. I then went to the Amazon website, searched for those movies there, in their video store, and added them to my ‘watchlist’. An easy enough workaround, but I would rather be able to do everything directly from the app. Perhaps I’m missing something, so if anyone using this app can correct me, I’d welcome that help.

To summarize these video-on-the-iPad sources: Netflix (streaming with paid subscription), iTunes (pay as you go, rent or buy), Amazon (streaming free for Prime members AND pay as you go, rent or buy, just like on iTunes). You can read a good explanation of all of this here on CNET.

The real bonanza here with this new Amazon Video App is if you are an Amazon Prime member.

With your Prime membership and your iPad, you now have a boatload of FREE video to enjoy. For Prime members, this is a no-brainer …. just download this app!

Amazon Instant Video is free in the iTunes store.


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