YouTube Eliminated in iOS6: No Longer Comes As A Pre-Loaded App

I enjoy YouTube, and I must remember to turn to it more often. Most recently I read a book that referenced a silent film star (and I had never heard of her). I searched YouTube and watched some of her silent film performances. This helped me understand the book I was reading just a bit better. I could go on and on, but to sum up: YouTube is pretty incredible. If you want to see “it”, “it” is probably there.

(If you are an older reader of this blog, and haven’t played much with YouTube, open the app and start searching for a stroll down Memory Lane. Search for an old favorite TV program or a performance by your favorite band or even a silly television commercial you recall from childhood. Just don’t do it if you have to watch the clock …….. YouTube will suck you in and you’ll lose track of time.)

But as all things change, so is our access to You Tube.

It won’t be long until iOS6 will be ready, new devices will be rolled out and old devices will be updated. There will be many changes, and one of them is the elimination of You Tube as an app that is included when you buy your iPhone/iPad.

For years, YouTube has been a standard pre-loaded app. But it is made by Google, and Apple is distancing itself from Google (we talked about the changing maps, here.), so bye bye YouTube.

Have no fear, however, because YouTube is far too popular for Apple not to have it easily accessed from their devices. Of course you could always view it through your browser, but developers are hard at work to make it even easier.

This report from Engadget tells us that Google is working on a YouTube app and that the YouTube folks are also working closely with Apple.

One way or another, we’ll still have an easy tap to the world of YouTube.


9 thoughts on “YouTube Eliminated in iOS6: No Longer Comes As A Pre-Loaded App

  1. I love You Tube. I have found so many great things I vaguely remembered and wanted to see again.

    There was a UK programme from my childhood called The Double Deckers and I was the only one who remembered it. I thought I had dreamt it…until I checked You Tube 🙂

  2. I just got my first (Blushing here!) ipod, to download workout music, got the itunes, podcast, all downloads went to my C: rather than ipod. if I try to add music from library, I cannot play anymore the podcast: So, I will use the information from your website, to get to workout. 🙂
    Thanks for the article!

    • No worries, George. Congrats on your new iPod!
      If you downloaded directly to iTunes on your computer, the only way to move them to your device is by syncing it with your computer.
      But the easiest way is to download directly to your device. You can do this as long as you are in a wireless environment. Then you should be able to download the apps and music that you previously purchased by following these steps.

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