Weekend Time Waster: Video Time Machine

A recent post about YouTube led to some discussions about the magic of YouTube and how it makes Time disappear … woosh! You go to look for a minute, and suddenly a half hour has passed.

Well, Video Time Machine will make the time-shifting ability of YouTube seem like amateur theatrics. With this app you will get sucked right in …… deep.

Video Time Machine is simple to use. There is only one screen. This one screen will give you a video window and a few buttons. Your most important control is the date-dialer, in the upper right hand corner.

This dial spins from 1860 to 2011. Categories to view include movies, music, news, ads and more. You spin to a date, and choose a category, and you are treated to a number of videos.

The app claims over 10,000 videos to view. These videos are NOT downloaded onto your device, so an internet connection is required. (Wireless is best, viewing video with your data plan will burn through your data).

With your wireless connection, you can spend hours drifting through time.

I enjoy the REALLY old videos. There are 60 available between 1860 and 1899. Great fun to see some video firsts in those early years.

I did a random spin and came up with Fatty Arbuckle in a silent film for 1917.

A random spin for old advertisements turned up a Rice Krispies ad from 1953.

And a random news spin gave me the BBC bulletin in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Thoroughly enjoyable and the ‘library’ is expanding every day.

Video Time Machine is $2.99 in the iTunes store.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Time Waster: Video Time Machine

  1. Daniela says:

    This is something even I can relate to, because thanks to You Tube I can see movies and listen music from the old country!
    Thanks for this,

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