Weekend Distraction: Tap the Frog 1 & 2

If you haven’t run across these two games, you are in for a treat …. and your fingers are in for a workout.

Both games are a collection of mini-games where you have to Tap the Frog to accomplish a task. Tasks are timed, and the faster you complete the task, the better. You might have to “pop” the frog, or “paint” the frog or “feed” the frog. Personally, I enjoy Tap the Frog 2 a little better, but since Tap the Frog (original) is free, it doesn’t hurt to try that one as well.

The frogs are cute and soon you’ll be tapping to save them, or feed them, or fly them or whatever other task your mini game has planned.

Tap the Frog (original) has 56 levels. (My fingers hurt just thinking about it.)

As I mentioned above, Tap the Frog 2 is my favorite of the two. A bit more diverse, and eye-candy pleasing.

One of the early tasks is to “hop” the frog, and even though you see the lily-pads and know exactly what you have to do, choosing whether to skip our little frog by one or two lily pads gets surprisingly challenging. I guess this is a matter of our brain keeping up with our fingers.

The games are all intuitive. You can see on the screen below that you have to “feed” the frog, tapping the lemons or oranges or apples as they come. Whew. Harder than it looks! Note the “20” in the upper left hand corner. You’ll have 20 seconds to feed that frog.

Both games are good to pick up when you just have a little time. Then again, you might find yourself tapping for a whole lot of time, until your fingers are sore.

A fun little distraction for the weekend.

Tap the Frog is free in the iTunes store.

Tap the Frog 2 is 99¢ in the iTunes store.

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