Blog Tsunami: How Many is Too Many?

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I’m a relatively new blogger with only 4 months under my blogging belt. But before I wrote my first word, I was an experienced blog-reader, so I entered the blog-0-sphere with the confidence that I was well prepared for the experience and ready to take on the deed. (silly, silly me)

I dipped in a toe, enjoyed the first few weeks, and jumped right in.

That blog-reading “experience” from my pre-blog days consisted of about 10 to 15 blogs that I followed and looked in on every day. But once I started blogging, and I began to collect some followers, everything changed. Wooshhhh.

I went to go and see what these other bloggers were doing. I wanted to know who they were, and see their blogs.

I began to establish connections within the blogging community.

And this is when I fell through the Rabbit-Hole. I’d visit a blog, click around a few posts, thoroughly enjoy myself, and tap on the follow button.



and again.

Amazing people are writing amazing blogs. I’m reading about different cultures, written by people from all around the world. I’m following experiences that I can only imagine, in places I’ll never go.

I’m learning about music, art, gardening, cooking, humor, and a host of other passions. I’m reading about kindness, compassion, volunteerism, ecology, biology, tech, pets, books, movies, science and animals.

These blogs are eye-opening and mind-expanding.

I’m learning things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

But now …… I am close to overwhelmed. I follow so many blogs, that my mailbox is always full with notifications of new posts. I wonder how other people manage?

There is NOTHING to weed out. Each and every one of these blogs is unique and special and important to me.

And …. every day I discover more blogs … and, yes, I get hooked. I click on Follow.

I looked at the WordPress stats. (just WordPress ..I know there are many other hosts.) They say that there are more than 54 MILLION WordPress blogs around our planet. They also say that there are over 500,000 new posts every day.

Uh….. that’s a lot.

I can manage, now. But if I keep on following, there must be a tipping point. How many is too many?


41 thoughts on “Blog Tsunami: How Many is Too Many?

  1. I usually delete all of the notifications that come from my blog – I can sort them out
    from the top right beside “New Post”. Then I go through the posts. Sometimes I will adjust my emails to “From”. That way, I can select from one person and then select Next Post from their blog, go back to the emails and delete all posts from that sender, then on with the next. I was thinking the other day, “If I add many more people, I’m going to be at a loss”

  2. I totally agree with everything you wrote on this post.I try to follow every blog I am interested in but if they get too chatty I have to unsubscribe. I tried to reply on my notifier but have many times lost the comments I have made before hitting the reply button when a new like appears on my notifier mid sentence. I use it now only for very short replies. So many good posts out there but I have only so much time I can allow for visits. Thanks for the post. Take care. Ralph

  3. I understand what you mean. I think blogging is a joy and a privilege and when it becomes a chore and stressful them you have reached too many. It should be a joy not a chore.


    • This is brilliant advice, Francine. My problem is that I totally enjoy EVERY blog I visit. It is not a chore, it’s a delight. My problem is too much delight. It’s like eating ice cream. Delicious always, but you still have to stop eventually. 🙂

  4. I agree – I “screen” my followed blogs through my separate blogging email address in Outlook – for some I read almost every post, and some I only read a percentage of, or file by topic for “later”. Surfing the blogosphere really can become addictive, and I agree – there’s so much great info; there are so many entertaining reads… In Outlook I can file by recipes, photos, etc… The trick then is going through Outlook incoming every night, so THAT doesn’t get away from me!

    • Oh…. it sounds like you really have this organized. Unfortunately, I didn’t have for foresight to make a separate blogging email address. Duh. Maybe that’s something I can tweek, now. Thanks for the great advice! 🙂

      • Before I retired, I used Outlook at work to organize my calendar, tasks, and email correspondence so I could find things later (you can also change the email titles for sorting.) When I retired, I felt lost without it, so I purchased it. I have three email addresses – my own, one my hubby and I share, and my blogging email. I can manage them all from Outlook – and then I can upload to my smartphone and tablet as well so my calendar and emails are all at my fingertips. I am a dinosaur, but even I could do this with the utilities that came with my various devices!

  5. I know exactly where you are coming from. I have got into the habit of checking in every does and there are some I read without fail and others I’ll only open if the subject grabs me. I like the idea of a separate address just for blogging.

  6. I know just how you feel, and am trying to work out some sort of system for myself. But I just can’t resist reading them all… so at the moment I’m not very discriminating… interesting that everyone is up against the same momentum!

  7. I’m already at the “too many”. My eyes are going squint just trying to read everything. If I miss a day, then I’m in big, big trouble and catching up becomes a permanent job. I do believe that some people cope by simply clicking “like”, without actually reading the blog. For my part, I understand the thought and work that goes into each one, so I refuse to do that. If I press “like”, it means I’ve read what’s in there. Unfortunately, this means that I am Always running behind. I wonder if I could get paid just to read blogs? Then I’d be happy!

    • I’m with you. I do read. It takes a lot of effort, and I appreciate that. And boy do I understand about missing a day!! I lost a day or two a week ago for a quick out-of-town trip and when I finally had the time to get back to the blogging business it was almost impossible to catch up. I did … but it wasn’t easy. If you learn how to get paid for blog-reading, please hire me as your assistant!! 🙂

  8. It sounds like you are already at too many. We all reach that point, so don’t feel bad about doing what I’m about to tell you to do:

    unfollow all but the blogs you REALLY love.

    Then just visit the bloggers who visit you. Whether it’s those who comment and/or just Like, is up to you. It’s the only way to make it manageable.

    • I truly appreciate this advice, thank you. You’re right … it has to be manageable, and I’ve gotten myself in a muddle. I will have to be more discriminating. I just enjoy everything TOO much!! (btw… I do this with food, too. It’s just all so GOOD!!)

  9. Hi SC I have just read Tilly Bud’s comment and I totally am in agreement with her. Her method works well with me. It took a lot of trial and error but I have reached this point and I am now enjoying blogging again. Take care both of you. Ralph

    • Good to know, Ralph. I’m going to take my time, be a bit more discriminating, and know through your wise words that there IS a way to manage this! Thank you 🙂

  10. I’m with you. I am going through the same thing right now. I actually want to spend less time online, and feel like WP is becoming a time suck…but at the same time I don’t want to completely go away and not read anyone’s blog!

    I have my follow setting set to never receiving updates so that I don’t receive email notifications when new blog posts are up. I just log in and scan through the reader.

    I now understand why it’s easy to just sift through your reader and hit “Like.” When you have more and more blog friends, you don’t want to neglect your old friends but you want to visit your new friends.

    My tactic now is to schedule and limit my time on here. I won’t get to everyone’s blog everyday, but at least once every week or so let’s me catch up and also let my blog pals know I still know they are out there doing great work.

    • It is a real challenge, isn’t it. My biggest problem is that I REALLY enjoy reading these blogs. And… as you said… NEW friends pop up with fascinating blogs, as well. But Time is finite, and we have to deal with it’s limitations. It sounds like you have a good plan. I’m still struggling with mine…

  11. Daniela says:

    I am SO IN THE SAME POSITION! Believe it or not I cried, I really did over not finding time over couple of days to read all the blogs I follow … and this of course on top of my own writing, responding to comments, full-time work … I have no idea what to do right now. Like with everything in my life I care a lot about all of it, and I care about other fellow bloggers … hopeless case here!

    Love from Daniela (aka: clueless from NZ)

    • I know, Daniela …. it’s a real troublesome problem, isn’t it. I think (I truly do) that you and I are very much alike in many ways, and so our feelings about the serious responsibility of reading and responding are also right in step with each other. If you ever get a handle on this, and figure out how to do it all, please share it with me! 🙂

  12. I’m with you!! Trying to keep up is a career all on it’s own! I could do with a PA just to live my life whilst I am living in the blogosphere!!
    I have an Alex admires page (which is woefully out of date and needs a thousand people adding to it) that helps me to keep up with friends! I follow way too many blogs and feel totally inadequate in keeping up with regular viewers to my blog! I think I need a usb download port directly into my brain!!!!

  13. Thank you for this post…..Oh, BTW….did I say thank you yet.?? So, Okay, Thank you. This is the only post I have ever read dealing with this subject.!!! There may be others out there, but I haven’t seen them.
    How many is too many?? Probably different for each of us. I feel like I am approaching the number, but I know there are MANY folks out there who handle far more than I do. I have also noticed that the authors of a lot of blogs don’t reply to comments. And some that do….reply to maybe one out of five or six. Maybe it works for them..? Might be the ONLY way to proceed when each post draws fifty, seventy-five or maybe hundreds of comments.
    I have tried to keep my reading and following manageable. It is still growing though even as I work at it. There are too many GOOD blogs out there….A truly impossible task to read them all. I have to console myself with that fact.
    Several of the comments here make good points. First, I only post about twice a week. Seems to keep my mind fresh (some may argue with that..!!!) Second, I don’t typically have notifications sent to my email…skip one day and it takes thirty minutes to delete all of the randomness from my in-box!! I log-in every day and use the Reader and the Notifications tab to stay current with my readers. It has worked okay so far…. One of the comments said
    something really appropriate… through to each reader and leave a comment where appropriate….it isn’t necessary to “follow” every one. I don’t know…
    That’s the view from here…

    • You’re wonderful! I love your thoughts on things. I appreciate your comments on this post, as I really poured out my heart, here. I simply find myself drawn to so many blogs, the problem resides within me. I’ll keep paddling, and hopefully keep my head above water. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the discussion.

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