How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Your iPad and iPhone: (part of the) Very Beginner Series

* Occasional posts will contain how-tos and/or hints for VERY new users of iPads, iPhones or Kindles. All new users welcome! Non-tech speak, not terribly detailed, just basic device-enhancing goodness. All part of this Very Beginner Series.

Please share with any beginners (Mom? Dad? Grandma?) in your life.*

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We have gotten used to “cut” “copy” and “paste” on our computers. Personally I couldn’t type without them since my typing habits include considerable rearranging of my sentences. (I was much more careful back in the days of White Out. Remember that bottle with the little brush that would get hard and gloppy?)

When we type on our iPhones and iPads, we can cut and paste there, too, and this is how to do it:

Below is a sentence. I want to remove the words at the end. To remove large portions of text, the “cut” feature is much more efficient than the delete key.

Touch the word you want to remove, or single word among the words you want to remove. A little menu will pop up, with choices. Here we have “select” and “select all”.

Touch “select” (unless you want to choose ALL the text, then you would touch the “select all” option). A new menu will appear with more choices, including “cut” “copy” and “paste”.

You will also see your word highlighted with a little bar on either side. Notice the little blue dots on the bars.

Grab a dot and slide the bars to include all of the text that you want to either copy or cut. Once you have highlighted all your text, touch the action word of your choice. “Cut” will remove it. “Copy” will allow you to paste it somewhere else.

I chose “cut” and POOF! unwanted text is gone.

To paste, just touch a place where you would like to see the text. Touch and hold. Select “paste”. Whatever text you LAST “copied” or “cut” will be pasted in the spot where your cursor is positioned.

Note to Beginners: Look over to the right side of this blog. Find the list under “Categories”. Click on “Very Beginner Series” for other Very Beginner “how to” instructions.

8 thoughts on “How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Your iPad and iPhone: (part of the) Very Beginner Series

        • Congratulations on your award! 😀 Thank you for the information on the Ipad….I was so frustrated with writing on it that I had to get a laptop….now I miss my Ipad…it was my friend for so long (first one, not Ipad 2) Now, maybe I can naviagte it easier!!

          I do have a question…I have some notes on there that I don’t want my kids to have access to (they are snoopy sheesh! :p ) Is there a way to sort of lock it so they can’t read those notes or do I need to email them to my laptop and delete?

          Thank you again for sharing info I can really use! 😀

          • You can lock your whole iPad, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. There are SO MANY text apps, and some of them have locking (security) features of their own. But if you don’t have one of those, and if your kids are playing with your iPad and there is stuff you don’t want them to see…. I think your idea of emailing the stuff to your laptop and deleting it off your iPad is a great (and the best) idea! Thanks, Christina, for being a faithful visitor! I enjoy your blog, as well. 🙂

            • Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, my kids are curious creatures…I let them use a lot of apps on there…so far they have been respectful and gentle with it. Probably will have to just save and delete as I don’t think that app has a lock feature.

              Thank you so much for your sweet compliment…I do enjoy yours as well! 🙂 Hope you have a great night!!

    • But I think it’s GREAT that you’re here. Hey… you can watch and learn and when the day comes that you make the plunge, you’ll be well-versed and ready. I’m so grateful that you visit and comment. 🙂

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