Amazon Press Conference: Something’s Coming, Rumors Buzzing

Amazon has made the announcement that they are holding a Press Conference on Sept 6, a little less than two weeks from now. Rumors are flying … what new goodies will be revealed?

The two most common guesses are a new Kindle with a glow-screen and a Kindle Fire 2. It is also rumored that Amazon will (some day) develop a phone of their own. But that is NOT expected at this time.

I did not jump on the Fire bandwagon. Although I am a devoted (yes, I meant to use that word πŸ™‚ ) Kindle fan, the Fire is not for me. I use a tablet far too much for a Fire to meet my needs. My tablet is an iPad and no one can pry that goodie from my fingers.

But, ah, a glow screen Kindle! I am hoping this is true. The glow screen has been in the rumor mill for a while now. Barnes and Noble did this with their Nook, and it has been very well received. It is expected that Amazon will have to counter with a similar product of their own.

Back-lit screens like this can interfere with sleep.

E-ink is preferred by many for nighttime reading. Science has weighed in that computer light interferes with sleep cycles, so the back-lit iPad (or Fire) screen is not a good idea if you are trying to doze off with a good book. E-ink is a much better choice to precede a good night’s sleep.

However, when reading at night with a Kindle you need a separate light. It works, but as I twist and turn to get THE most comfortable spot, my light’s flexible arm bends and twists as well. And the light has to be positioned just right so that I don’t get a glare spot on the screen.

A “glow screen” would be the best of both worlds… consistent light across the screen, with e-ink for awesome reading pleasure. Best guesses say that with a glow screen, gentle light would surround the page. If Amazon comes out with such a device, I will upgrade, no doubt.

Some clues are “out there.” Over the last few days, suspicious things have been happening on Amazon’s website. The “buy” button disappeared from the Kindle touch. Could this mean they are getting ready to launch new things? Probably. πŸ™‚

We will find out on September 6.


photo credit: krossbow via photo pin cc


17 thoughts on “Amazon Press Conference: Something’s Coming, Rumors Buzzing

  1. Read this with interest…I would appreciate a brief answer to this: You mentioned using a Kindle (I assume as a reader…???) but not a fan of the Fire. You also mentioned not giving up the iPad tablet. Is not the iPad an acceptable reader?? Does a person really need a separate reader if they own/purchase an iPad??
    Your technology blog is getting to be addictive!!
    Thanks for answering..

    • I’m glad you asked! If you click on “Kindle” under the categories of my blog, you will find many posts where I elaborate on the wonders of the Kindle. I am a voracious reader, and I absolutely love the Kindle. I also love my iPad. But for reading … I prefer the Kindle. Why? many reasons. Smaller, lighter (a big difference), FAR more portable (easy to throw the Kindle in a purse, not the iPad), you can read a Kindle with e-ink in the sunshine while the iPad washes out, e-ink is easier on the eyes for lengthy reading, the Kindle ‘disappears’ when you are reading a book while the iPad is distracting, the Kindle is easier to knock about since it is considerably cheaper and less of a worry if something happens to it. I could go on …… πŸ™‚ But they also sync (I have a post on that, too), so if I am holding the iPad I might read on it for a while. But my night-reading, back-yard reading, bathtub (yes!) reading is all Kindle, all the time.

      • Okay, that’s what I thought (more or less…. πŸ™‚ ) So, I have decided to go with a Kindle as a reader. Now, Which One..????
        There are so many choices……OH, my head hurts!!

  2. I love my Plain-Jane Kindle. Wouldn’t want to be without it. Don’t need a light or glow from the gadget. My small bedside night lamp is good enough. It’s not quite adequate for regular books but is fine for the Kindle. The regular beige background of the screen adds enough light for easy reading.Thanks for the interesting info though.

    • I’m a twister and turner, so a book light is a must for me. The bedside light just doesn’t cut it! But I agree with you about the Kindle …. wouldn’t want to be without it. πŸ™‚

    • I love reading on a Kindle. But I will admit I was not a fan of their touch screen model. I MUCH prefer to be able to click the pages from the sides for all kinds of reasons. I should probably write a post about that …… hmmmmm. Thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚

  3. I still haven’t bought a Kindle and every time I think now, they launch a new one it seems and then I can’t decide which one to get but I will wait to see which one they reveal now.

    • Last time they did that I jumped in a bought the Kindle Touch model. I never be-friended it. For many reasons. (I should probably write a blog post about that). But Amazon has a generous return policy and I sent it back and bought a keyboard model. I’m always willing to try because they will always take it back. Good to “see” you again!!!

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