Gratitude365: An App That Keeps You Grounded in Gratitude

Gratitude Journals are very popular, and you can find a number of them in the iTunes store. But this new one joined the crowd a short time ago, and it is a winner.

Gratitude365 is simple, intuitive and visually attractive.

You create a daily entry and list anything that you are thankful for that day. You can also add a photo from your camera roll, or take a photo through the app. Each time you list an item that you are grateful for, it appears on a line with a bullet in front. It is designed for lists, so it’s quick and snappy. Having this app on your iPhone allows you to add to it throughout the day, rather than having to try to remember and re-wind your day later that night. (This is a great way to grab those “small things”, those everyday things and moments that are actually extraordinary treasures.)

The calendar view (below) displays the photos you have chosen individually throughout the week, giving you a lovely visual through time of all things for which your are grateful.

Gratitude365 will work on your iPhone and/or on your iPad. You can share the gratitude calendar from within the app through email, Twitter, Flicker or Facebook.

Looking back at the calendar view, and knowing what all those pictures represent, how can that do anything but make you Happy?

Gratitude365 is currently 99¢ in the iTunes store.


12 thoughts on “Gratitude365: An App That Keeps You Grounded in Gratitude

  1. This is an amazing app and this postbhas reminded me that Inhave not done this for a while. I strongly believe that keeping a gratitude journal, bought for me by Tee’s mom, was a very important part of my cancer a journey in 2008. Time to get back into that habit. Thanks so much for a great post.

    • I too agree. A gratitude journal can be a powerful tool. Sounds like your experience with it was good, too. But it’s a habit that can slip away from you and it’s good to get drawn back into the routine of it. I’m back on the bandwagon 🙂

  2. This is new for me. I hadn’t used a gratitude journal, but rather, just winged off a prayer in the morning. Thank you for this. Thanks for that.
    I tried to write someone a thank you each day. That lasted about 5 months before I slacked off. Maybe I could tweak the app to help me do that, too.

    • I committed to writing a gratitude journal for a while just before bed, but, like you, after about 5 months I slacked off. I’m hoping this makes it a little easier to stay committed.

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