Weekend Distraction: App Sales for Labor Day

This is a holiday weekend in the US, as people enjoy the last gasps of summer. (This summer has been so hot, I am not sorry to see it go.)

But it is also a good weekend to SAVE $$$$ on apps!

Labor Day is known among app-addicts as the weekend for LOTS of SALES! Yay! Who doesn’t like lower prices?

I’ll list a FEW here, but I would suggest dropping into the App Store at some point and checking on the price of any game on your wish list. You never know … if you are lucky, it might just be reduced this weekend.

Electronic Arts drops their prices up to 80%. Most titles are slashed to 99¢ for a short time.

Their sale is massive, and I would suggest that you go to the iTunes store and put “Electronic Arts” in the search box. There are many, many games on sale.

Here is a sample of the games you will find on sale from Electronic Arts:

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

Yahtzee HD





The Game of Life

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Dead Space

Mass Effect Infiltrator

FIFA Soccer 12

Madden NFL 12

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


Bop It!

Max and the Magic Marker

Big Fish Games usually has a blow out sale on Labor Day weekend, but this year (so far) it looks very disappointing. In the past, for their big sales they cut all games to 99¢, and I still have unplayed games sitting on my iPad from last year after grabbing more than a few. This year the price cuts are not as deep and it doesn’t even look as though all games are on sale. Best plan is to look at a game you might be interested in to see if you just might catch it on sale.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: App Sales for Labor Day

  1. Brandon says:

    Anatomy & physiology 1
    Anatomy and physiology 2

    Are both on sale for .99 cents
    Just thought I would let people know it’s on sale from 4.99

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